Stripe is an online payment processing and credit card processing platform for businesses. When a customer buys a product online, the funds need to be delivered to you; Insert Stripe. Stripe allows safe and efficient processing of funds via credit card or bank and transfers those funds to your account.

Pelcro offers a Stripe integration that connects straight through our platform. In order to access all of Pelcro's functionality, you'll need a Stripe account.

Connecting to Stripe

In order to access all of Pelcro's functionality, you'll need a Stripe account. Stripe is a payment processing platform. It allows you to transfer money from a customer’s bank account into your business’s account by way of a credit or debit card transaction. Pelcro integrates with Stripe to accept payments and manage your businesses online.

Upon the creation of your Pelcro account, you'll receive a popup message at the top of the page, prompting you to connect Pelcro to your Stripe account.


Once you've clicked on the connect with stripe button, you will be redirected to a new page where you'll see the below message. From there, you can either sign in with an existing Stripe account, or create a new Stripe account by signing up.


Once the sign-in is complete, you should have now completed connecting your Pelcro and Stripe accounts.

Disconnecting Stripe

If you would like to disconnect Pelcro from your Stripe account, please visit this page from your Stripe and disconnect Pelcro:

Stripe Test Cards

Successful test cards

4242424242424242VisaAny 3 digitsAny future date
5555555555554444MastercardAny 3 digitsAny future date
378282246310005American ExpressAny 3 digitsAny future date
6011000990139424DiscoverAny 3 digitsAny future date
4000056655665556Debit - VisaAny 3 digitsAny future date
5200828282828210Debit - MastercardAny 3 digitsAny future date
3566002020360505JCBAny 3 digitsAny future date
6200000000000005Union PayAny 3 digitsAny future date

Failing test cards

4000000000000002card_declinedAny 3 digitsAny future date
4000000000000127incorrect_cvcAny 3 digitsAny future date
4000000000000069expired_cardAny 3 digitsAny future date
4100000000000019risk_level: highest (The charge is blocked as it’s considered fraudulent.)Any 3 digitsAny future date

Dispute test cards

4000000000001976Dispute make by end-userAny 3 digitsAny future date

Card authentication required

4000002760003184Requires authenticationAny 3 digitsAny future date
4000002500003155Requires authentication on one-time payments.Any 3 digitsAny future date