MAPP Empower

Integrate Pelcro with Mapp Empower to control and send transactional emails based on live events occurring on Pelcro.

Introduction to MAPP

MAPP is an email marketing platform which has been designed for digital agencies and consulting firms. MAPP's white-label solutions removes barriers which hinder portfolio growth, and enables you to retain full ownership of your clients’ experience.

You can visit the MAPP website for more information on MAPP's platform, tools, and capabilities.

How does it work?

Pelcro Events

We create an "Event" each time any of your customers does an activity on the Pelcro CRM. When the MAPP Integration has been configured, these Events are then sent to your MAPP account, which you can leverage to build emails, generate statistics and create different feedbacks on top of them.

Smarty Tags

With each event, we pass a collection of "Smarty Tags" that you can use to customize your email messages. You can find a map of all the smarty tags which you can use here.

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