Introduction to Membership Management

Membership is a feature you can leverage when you're looking to start offering enterprise, corporate or group subscriptions for schools, organizations of the such.

The feature allows you to create a subscription that operates on a more personalized basis, where you can limit the number of available seats and grant special access to your members. This access is set, based on a specific team or group of customers that will become an active part of your group or organization. On Pelcro, it’s a form of identity management and access control enabled via the platform; the membership management feature creates the opportunity for you to manage your memberships.

The feature is made to help you manage your memberships in a seamless and effective way. If you're familiar with Pelcro's group-owner/group-user feature, what you need to know is that we're moving the group owner/user relationship one level-up, from the subscription level to the plan level. Some other must-knows before getting started are:

  • A membership owner gets billed instead of all the individual membership members
  • The membership owner has full control of the account
  • Each member under a membership plan gets access to the same entitlements and features as the membership owner.
  • The membership owner also has the ability to add and remove members based on domain or IP address via the CRM.

Think of it like a family, where the membership owner is the matriarch/ patriarch, and ideally, they are in control of the household, and then all the members, are the people who live there and have access to the same water, food, amenities, etc.

Key Terms

Membership Owner: The primary point of contact that will be responsible for managing the membership, and the members of the membership plan. The invoice will be tied to the membership owner.

Members: These are the members that belong to the membership plan. They are not involved in the billing process for the membership plan. They are added only by the membership owner via email address and domain or IP address. However, they do receive all the same entitlements as the membership owner.

Once the membership plan is canceled or expires, the membership owner loses all access to the membership plan, as do the members.

To set up the membership management feature, you follow the below tutorial, which gives a step-by-step run-through:

Membership actions

Listing Memberships

To view your memberships:

  • On your Dashboard, hover over your left navigation menu. Choose "Billing" > "Memberships".
  • You'll be redirected to the memberships page, where you can view and manage all your current customer memberships, and create new ones.

To help navigate you through your memberships, you will also find the following:

  • Search bar: The search bar will allow you to directly find a membership based on a number of options. You may search memberships by the membership owner's name, member's name, email address, organization, and membership plan domain. You're able to either search all of the parameters simultaneously by leaving the search dropdown to "All", or alternatively, refine your search further by choosing the specific search parameter as shown below.
  • Search filters: Additionally, you can refine your search even further by choosing one of the available search filters to the right-side of the search bar. You can filter by one or more of the following options:

    • Membership status

      • Active: These are your currently ongoing active memberships.
      • Pending: These are memberships which are pending the members to accept the membership invitation.
    • The plan to which the membership is tied to

    • Membership creation date and expiry date


Your filtered criteria will be visible under the search bar. You'll be able to remove any of the selected filters by either clicking on the 'x' button next to the filter you would like to remove. Additionally, you can reset the applied filters by clicking on the filter icon to the right side of the search bar, and choosing 'Reset', or alternatively, you can clear all filters altogether.

Finally, you can export your memberships list, along with all the listed details into CSV format. The export will take all of your specified filters into account to the exported data.

Creating a Membership Plan

A step-by-step process of creating the membership plan, it’s very similar to a subscription pricing plan with a few adjustments on the way, specifically with the plan type and capacity.
1. Go to the Pelcro platform.
2. Click on Products
3. This is where you will find all your products
4. Click on VIEW PRODUCT and create a membership plan for the product of your choice
5. Click on ADD PRICING PLAN to create a membership plan


6. Name your "membership plan" and fill in all the necessary details.
These details include the product type, currency, unit price, and how long you plan on charging the membership owner. You can also select if it is refundable or non-refundable as well.


7. Click on Plan Type and make sure to select Membership
This enables the feature and allows you to create a membership pricing plan instead of just a regular pricing plan. It’s important to toggle this or else you are just going to create a normal subscription product and plan


8. Click on OPTIONAL
9. Under member seat capacity fill in the number of members you want in your membership plan
This is the total amount of seats available in this membership plan. Add the amount of the number of seats you want to have in your membership plan, this can be any number you choose. Our advice is to select a number that’s not too high, but also not too low to avoid readjustment later.
10. Click on CREATE PLAN


Creating The Membership owner

There are two ways you can create the membership owner for a membership plan; one way is by creating a new customer from scratch.

Alternatively, you can turn existing customers into membership owners by linking them to the membership plan. similar to adding a customer to a subscription.

1. Click on Customers
This is to connect your membership plan to a membership owner, select the customer you want to be the membership owner for this membership plan
2. Click on Add a new subscription


3. Click on ADD A PRODUCT
You will see a drop-down menu with all the products and corresponding pricing plans you created. You can search your specific product and plan with the plan ID, name of the product, or name of the plan.
4. Select the membership plan you want to connect to the membership owner


5. Then select if you want to add your new members via IP address or Domain
This is how members would be added by the membership owner to the membership plan. Currently, we offer two options of how this can be done. Either with an IP Address which would require the membership owner to type out the IP addresses of the devices that would be allowed in this membership, or by email address domain. Add the IP address or domain under the appropriate field, depending on which option you select.


6. Type the domain name
If you’re doing it by the domain name you would need to type out the domain name.


7. Then fill out the payment method details



Currently, the membership owner can add and update members and their addresses through the platform itself, not via the user dashboard.

Adding Members To The Membership Plan

1. After you've connected your membership plan to the membership owner, now it's time to add your members
The membership owner can directly add members from their personal dashboard. By clicking on the 3 ellipses on the right-hand side of their membership, a menu will appear with different options. This is how a membership owner can view the subscription, update the subscription or delete the subscription.
2. Click on VIEW MEMBERS
4. Type the email of the members you want to add
For each member you add you type out the email address with the domain you specified when creating the membership plan. The membership owner adds emails based on the member seats created.


5. Click on ADD MEMBER
6. Your member is now in pending status
All members are on pending status until they log into the subscription site via the login button sent by email.
7. Once your member logs in or registers via the site they are automatically added to your membership plan
It's important to note that they have the same entitlements and access as the membership owner, and once the membership owner cancels the subscription they lose all access and entitlements. This also happens if the membership becomes inactive or expires.
8. Now your membership plan is activated and has active members




You can also update a member's address and shipping details after they have activated their membership via the platform. This is done by clicking the 3 ellipses on the left-hand side of each member's email and filling out the address information and updating it.


If you are a developer please note that the membership management feature is also available to be set up via;


Where can I find my group members on the platform and on exports?
You can "View members" for a specific subscription when clicking on the 3 ellipses next to the membership subscription. You can export all memberships under the "Memberships" tab on the Pelcro dashboard.

What does "activating a member" mean? How do I activate one?
Once a member is invited they need to log in/register through the link sent via email. An active member is a member who went through logging in/registering on the website. A non-active member has not. The member has to activate the membership themselves via email.

What if they were automatically added to one via IP or domain?
If the member were added via IP, they would automatically be activated once they log into the website from the corresponding IP address. If they were added via domain, they would need to log into the site using their email address linked to the domain listed.

What happens to my members if I renew/cancel the group admin subscription?
If you renew your admin subscription all member subscriptions would be renewed as well and they would still have access to all entitlements. If the admin cancels the subscription, all members would lose access to all the entitlements.

Will the member.created webhook only be triggered when a user has been invited to a membership? What if they were automatically added to one via IP or domain?
The member.created webhook will be triggered when a member has been invited to a membership.
Both the 'member.created' and 'member.activated' webhooks will be triggered when a member has been automatically added via IP or domain.

Can I create Lists & Fulfillments for users that have a membership?
To learn more about how Lists & Fulfillments handle memberships, please visit this page.

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