The customer.created event is triggered whenever a user registers via the Pelcro Platform. This means that a customer record exists in Pelcro and has a unique email address, password and customer ID associated to it.

  "type": "customer.created",
  "id": "evt_yVy2C9Vh3hEL5fvNznAZJwqQ",
  "created": 1660237679,
  "data": {
    "object": {
      "object": "customer",
      "id": 6736761,
      "balance": 0,
      "created": "2022-08-11T17:07:59.000000Z",
      "currency": null,
      "default_source": null,
      "delinquent": false,
      "display_name": null,
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "email_confirm": null,
      "first_name": "Ahemd",
      "has_password": 0,
      "language": null,
      "last_name": "Khairy",
      "metadata": null,
      "object_id": "cus_ME75MYBIOMY2rm",
      "organization": {
        "object": "list",
        "data": [
            "object": "organization",
            "id": 40,
            "name": "Pelcro"
      "password_last_updated_at": null,
      "phone": null,
      "phone_confirm": null,
      "salutation": null,
      "site_id": 85,
      "title": null

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