Orders are created when a customer purchases a SKU that is defined in one of your products. You will be able to view a list of your orders and specifically open the details of each order.


When an order is created, it can have different sub-sequent statuses. Note that an order does not create an invoice.

  • Created: The order was just created
  • Paid: The order was paid in full
  • Canceled: The order can be canceled before it's been fulfilled. If the order is canceled, a refund will automatically be issued.
  • Fulfilled: The order was fulfilled to the customer, only orders that were paid can be fulfilled.
  • Returned: The order was fulfilled to the customer but it was then returned. An automatic refund will be issued.

Create an order

For an order to be created, the customer will be required to be authenticated. The customer's credit card token will be required as well as the SKU ID reference and the quantity the customer is purchasing. The address of the customer will only be required if the product is configured to be shippable.

List of orders

You can view a list of orders by navigating to e-commerce > orders.

View an order

You can view a specific order by right on the options of the order.

Mass Actions on orders

To save you time and effort, Pelcro lets you perform a series of actions on multiple orders at once, Here’s how to update orders en masse in a few steps:

Point to an order and click the checkbox next to the desired order. Repeat for each order until you have selected all the orders you want to action.

Click Mass actions, and, from the drop-down list, choose one of the available actions (note that the available actions will change according to the status tab of the orders which you'll be on:

  • Export : Export the selected orders in .csv format
  • Fulfill : Change the selected orders' status to fulfilled (applicable to Paid orders only)
  • Cancel : Change the selected orders' status to cancelled (applicable to Paid orders only)
  • Return : Change the selected orders' status to returned (applicable to Fulfilled orders only)

Once you choose the action, you'll get a notification that the bulk job is running. You'll need to reload the page to check the status of completion and review any failure(s).