Through the Pelcro platform, you have the ability to export a wide range of reports for various business, analytics and reporting purposes; Our exports module provides an assortment of data which includes information about your customers, billing, e-commerce, lists & fulfillments, accounting, analytics, and newsletters. Please refer to the table below for a complete list of all available exports.

Exporting Data

Exporting data across the platform is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is to simply use the side navigation to get to the desired section of the platform, and then you'll find the “Export” button at the top right corner of the section detailed listing, as shown below:


After creating an export, depending on the section and size of the export, you'll either be able to directly download the export through your browser, or alternatively, you will receive an email notification when the export is ready for download. Our exports will be available in .csv format.


Depending on the section and the type of export you're trying to retrieve, you may find the option to export data and metadata separately. The metadata exports primarily include any additional custom fields that are specific to your site, which are not included in the data exports.


Additionally, you can check out our available APIs to retrieve the data programmatically.

Export Time

The amount of time which the export takes to generate depends on numerous factors: the type of export, the complexity required to fetch, format, combine and output your data, the current load on the servers and of course, the amount of data included in the export itself, amongst other factors. Hence, we highly appreciate your patience in case you're running an export.

Typically, if an export is running for a longer time than expected or fails to complete as anticipated, please don't hesitate to contact our support team and we'll be more than happy to assist further.

List of Available Exports

Customers Exports

CustomersA list of all customers who were created on your site or directly on our platform.
AddressesA list of all customer addresses which are listed under each customer.

Billing Exports

SubscriptionsA list of all subscriptions which were created on your site or directly on our platform.
InvoicesA list of all invoices that were created for any subscriptions.
PaymentA list of all payment transactions which were processed for your subscriptions.
RefundsA list of all refunds which were processed through our platform.
TaxesA list of individual tax rates that were applied on all invoices created on our platform.
Customer BalancesA list of total balances available on the customer's accounts on our platform.
Credit NotesA list of credit notes used to adjust the amount owed on invoices.

E-Commerce Exports

OrdersA list of eCommerce customer SKU purchases that is defined on your products.

Newsletter Exports

NewslettersA list of your email newsletters configured for your customers.

Lists Exports

ListsA list of all your subscriptions for order fulfillments.
FulfillmentsA list of all the details included in each fulfillment list item for all of your order fulfillments. You can also download a report which will contain a breakdown of the complementary vs paid shipments within each fulfillment.

Analytics & Reporting Exports

Gross VolumeGross volume by currency, based on successful payments.
RefundsList of Refunds by currency.
New CustomersList of new customers within a specific date range.
New SubscriptionsList of new subscriptions within a specific date range.
New PhasesList of new subscription phases within a specific date range.
Canceled SubscriptionsList of canceled subscriptions within a specific date range.
Charges by DepositorList of charges by depositors within a specific date range.
Shipments RenewalList of shipments renewals within a specific date range.
Subscriptions by SourceList of customer subscriptions by their payment source within a specific date range.
Subscriptions by LocationList of customer subscriptions by location within a specific date range.
Subscriptions by CouponList of customer subscriptions by coupon within a specific date range.
Invoices by CouponList of customer invoices by coupon within a specific date range.