When you have several people accessing your Pelcro account, it's best to have separate collaborator accounts set up for each person. You can set collaborator permissions to let other people access your Pelcro account, without giving them access to sensitive information. Having collaborator accounts can also help you to keep track of recent changes and events. This feature is only available in the professional and enterprise plans.

Collaborators Access Control

Granular access control is a feature that allows you to control the levels of access to your site collaborators. A general good practice is to follow the principle of least access, where your collaborators only have access to the parts of the Pelcro platform which they need for each available site.

A collaborator account can have one of the following levels of permissions:

  • Admin permissions - Allows unlimited access to your Pelcro account. The collaborator member can manage the account and the financial information.

  • Support permissions - Allows limited access to your Pelcro account. The collaborator can view customer, and billing information and manage accounts, however, will not be able to manage the account itself or view financial information.

  • Import permissions - Allows access to the import tool in your Pelcro account. This can be used if you outsource data entry.

Note: permissions can be customized for enterprise clients.

Add a Collaborator

To add a collaborator, follow the below steps

  1. Go to Settings > Collaborators where you can manage collaborators on your account
  1. From the top right corner, click "Add a Collaborator"
  1. Fill in the required details for your new collaborator (Name, Email, and Password)
  2. Choose the desired role for your collaborator according to the needed permission level
  3. Using the checkboxes, select the one or more sites for which you would like to grant the collaborator access to
  1. Click Submit