Automated emails

By default, Pelcro sends emails to your customers based on actions that took place on the platform. The default emails are not customizable and are sent as soon as an event takes place in the system.


Automated emails are meant to notify your customers about their accounts. We automatically send branded emails with your logo. These emails are not customizable. However, if you are interested in customizing those emails, please check out our MailChimp integration.


Please ensure your business logo has been uploaded in the site settings.


You can enable/disable automated emails being sent at any time from the settings. Note that if you disable the automated emails, it will also disable emails being sent for customers requesting a forgotten password. You need to ensure that you are either using the MailChimp integration to replace this functionality or our Webhooks.

To disable or enable automated emails

  • Login to your Pelcro account
  • Click on the administrator link on the top right
  • Click on settings
  • Click on "Settings" under "Site settings"


Below are the automated emails currently being sent out from Pelcro.

  1. Customer created
  2. Customer subscription confirmation
  3. Completed data export
  4. Customer gift subscription
  5. Forgotten password.