Setting Up


The below steps will show you how to quickly get started with using Pelcro for your website through a basic configuration that should take a few minutes to complete. It's as easy as 1-2-3.


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1. Create an Account

You can simply create a Pelcro account right here. Check out the video instructions below for a guided explanation. (P.S. No credit card is required, and you can cancel anytime).

2. Connect to Stripe

In order to access all of Pelcro's functionality, you'll need a Stripe account. Once you have your Stripe account, Follow the steps here to connect Pelcro to your Stripe account.

3. Configure Your Site

Below are the steps required to complete a basic configuration of the platform.

First, Navigate to your admin settings as shown below, and configure your site settings:

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4. Create Your Products & Plans

Products are where you add what services or offerings which your customers can subscribe to on recurring basis, and therefore, you must first create and setup your products before you can sell anything on your site. Products can optionally also include set-up fees and trial periods. Plans are usually tied to a product, and allows you to set different pricing options, intervals or currencies to sell your product.


Check out our sections for creating your first product and associated plans. You'll also want to configure your product to customize the flow for the end-user to go through all the steps to purchase your product.

5. Add Your Customers

A customer is created by either creating them from the platform, or by directly signing up to your services via web or mobile. Adding a customer from the platform is a very straightforward process. Check out our section for creating customers through the platform for more details.


6. Create Your Subscriptions

Through Pelcro, you offer products, but you sell subscriptions. These subscriptions give your customers access to the content or products. Subscriptions are an important component of Pelcro, which pieces your products, pricing plans, and customers together. Check out our section for creating a customer subscription for more details.


7. Get Across the Finish Line

Install the integration script on your site by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to your site settings, and click on "Integration"
  • Follow the instructions to install Pelcro on your site
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8. Customization

Finally, you can customize the colors of the interfaces. This allows you to customize the color of the header, buttons, text, and more. This can be achieved by either:

1- Configuring simple design aspects directly from the platform.

  • Navigate to your site settings, and click on "Design"
  • Set HEX codes in the fields provided. You can find a HEX color using an online tool such as

2- Override any of the CSS attributes. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to customize the interface to your liking by overriding specific colors, fonts etc. Follow this link for more information: Styling

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