Zinio allows businesses to create digital magazines for mobile (iOS & Android) and desktop readers (Newstand). This integration relies on the invoice creation process to sync subscriptions into Zinio. Once a new invoice is created, we call on the Zinio API in order to create a subscription in Zinio. The invoice is created either when a subscription is newly created or upon its renewal whether it is on auto-renew or manually renewed. This is independent of whether the payment method used to pay the invoice is online or offline. Pelcro can sync both the branded apps and newsstand subscriptions or only one of them if desired.


Contact your Zinio support team to retrieve the following Zinio API keys in order to provide them to the Pelcro team.

  'source_application_id': 12345,
  'source_project_id': 12345,
  'publication_id': 12345,
  'branded_app_project_id': 12345,
  'newsstand_project_id': 12345

Upon obtaining Zinio's API key, please provide it to Pelcro's support team or your account manager.


In order to provide your customers access to your Zinio application, you will need to enter "Zinio" as an entitlement in the plan configuration. This gives you the flexibility on a plan level to determine which customers should get access to Zinio.

API Samples


  'project_id': 12345
  'remote_identifier': "branded_app_12345"
  'source_application_id': 12345
  'source_project_id': 12345
  'items: [{
      'user_email': "[email protected]"
      'user_remote_identifier': 12345
      'product_type': 2
      'publication_id': 12345
      'subscription_term_amount': 12
      'subscription_term_units': "issues"
      'label_type': 12345
      'allow_delivery_notification': 0
      'customer_requested': 1


  "status": true
  "data": {
    "id": 12345
    "project_id": 12345
    "directory_id": null
    "remote_identifier": "branded_app_12345"
    "customer_requested": false
    "audit_group": 0
    "label_type": null
    "allow_delivery_notification": 0
    "account_id": null
    "source_application_id": 12345
    "source_project_id": 12345
    "created_at": "2021-10-25T14:13:14+00:00"