Learn more about how we support coupons via the platform to give customers the ability to apply discounts towards their subscription.

Pelcro allows you to create coupons that can be used towards a Subscription or eCommerce orders.
A coupon can be redeemed only once and expire, or can be redeemed an unlimited number of times.

To access the coupon dashboard, log into Pelcro and click on "Coupons" in the left-hand side menu.

You will be redirected to a new page, which corresponds to the Coupons Dashboard. From there, you can create, view, edit, and delete coupons.

Create Coupon

To create a new coupon, click on "New" on the top right corner of the page, and you'll be redirected to the coupon creation page.


When you're at the coupon creation page, you can choose the type of coupon to create: Subscription coupon, or an eCommerce coupon.

Depending on the coupon type of your choice, you will need to populate the following fields:

Coupon Name: Display name of the coupon that allows you to use it for reporting purposes.

Coupon Code: The code is used on a subscription or an eCommerce order to apply the discount.

Type: The type of coupon you are creating, whether it's a Subscription coupon or an eCommerce coupon.

Discount type: The discount type can be either a fixed amount or a percentage off.

  • Percentage: If you choose the percentage option, you should enter the desired discount percentage in the percent field, as illustrated below. This percentage represents the amount of discount that will be applied to a subscription or an eCommerce order when this coupon code is used. Please ensure that this percentage is greater than 0.01%.

  • Fixed: If you prefer a fixed amount coupon, select this option. In this case, you will need to specify the currency for the coupon as shown below.

Coupon Duration:

  • Once: when a coupon duration is set to "Once", the discount will only be applied to the first invoice. The subsequent invoices will be created with the original amount of the subscription. It's important to note that only one-time coupons can be used for eCommerce type coupons.
  • Repeating: when a coupon duration is set to "Repeating", the discount will be applies to a specific number of recurring months, which can be controlled through the "Duration in Months" field. The "Duration in Months" field will immediately appear upon selecting the option as shown below.

  • Forever: when a coupon duration is set to "Forever", the discount will be applied indefinitely to the invoices corresponding to the subscription(s) in scope.

Expires On: The field allows you to determine the date when the coupon expires and can no longer be redeemed on a new subscription or an eCommerce order.

i.e.: We create a coupon, JULY4PROMO, for the 4th of July which is set to expire on July 7th. Any subscription that applies this coupon before July 7th, will benefit from the discount. Whereas if you try to create a subscription and apply this coupon code after July 7th, you won't be able to.

Max redemptions: This is the maximum number of times a coupon can be redeemed.

Associated Segment: This refers to the segment linked to this coupon. (This coupon will be accessible within this segment.)

Subscription Plans: Only visible for Subscription-type coupons. This allows you to specify what plans the coupon can be applied towards. If you leave the field blank, the coupon can be applied to all of the existing active plans.

eCommerce SKUs: Only visible for eCommerce-type coupons. This allows you to specify what plans the coupon can be applied towards. If you leave the field blank, the coupon can be applied to all of the existing active eCommerce products.

Coupon reports

Coupons are primarily used to apply a discount towards a subscription or an eCommerce order. But they can also be used for reporting purposes.

Let's take the same example as above. You decide to create a Promo code for July 4th holiday, which is only going to be valid in the first week of July.
You share this promotion with your customers, and track the conversion rate by displaying the "Coupons report" which is available in the Analytics section.

Coupons FAQs

How does the Coupon's expiry date affect a subscription?
When you set the expiry date on a coupon, you will no longer be able to "use it/apply it" towards a subscription, past that expiry date.
The coupon cannot be applied to a subscription that is being renewed after the expiry date set on the coupon. In this case, the subscription renewal will be created using the regular price of the plan.

Can we renew subscriptions when using deleted coupons. If a coupon was applied to a subscription and then deleted, will it continue to be applied to any subsequent subscription?
When you create a coupon in Pelcro, based on the coupon settings, you can apply it, one or multiple times to a subscription.
But in the case where you applied the coupon to a subscription, and then deleted the coupon, you won't be able to use it again on any subscription.
In the case where you had the following flow:

  • Coupon Duration = forever
  • Coupon applied to a subscription
  • Coupon was then deleted
    -On Subscription renewal, the "deleted" coupon will not be applied towards the subscription renewal.