The customer.password_reset event gets triggered whenever the user changes their password either directly or through the platform. This will trigger the event and will be fired upon any successful password change.

    "type": "customer.password_update.succeeded", 
    "id": "evt_6uxLlega5x7FPC4l5UARoGl5", 
    "created": 1629324813, 
    "data": { 
        "object": { 
            "object": "customer", 
            "id": 37, 
            "balance": 0, 
            "created": "2021-08-11T09:27:59.000000Z", 
            "currency": null, 
            "default_source": null, 
            "delinquent": false, 
            "display_name": null, 
            "email": "[email protected]", 
            "email_confirm": null, 
            "first_name": "Anthony", 
            "has_password": true, 
            "language": "en", 
            "last_name": "Padilla", 
            "metadata": { 
                "pelcro_account_id": "1", 
                "pelcro_customer_id": "37" 
            "password_last_updated_at": "2021-08-18T22:13:33.575128Z", 
            "phone": null, 
            "phone_confirm": null, 
            "salutation": null, 
            "title": null 
        "previous_attributes": { 
            "has_password": 0, 
            "password_last_updated_at": null 

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