Getting Started

Open API is designed to be used in the context of a user-interface, whether it be web or mobile.

Open API endpoints can be used to perform various business logic, like creating customers on your site via a registration form, manage safe authentication via a login form, provide the ability to your customers to subscribe to any of your plans, order any of your products, manage their payment methods and pay for outstanding invoices, just to name a few.

Pelcro's Open API adheres to the REST architectural style. It features structured resource-based URLs, supports form-encoded request payloads, delivers responses in a structured JSON format, and employs standard HTTP response codes, authentication mechanisms, and HTTP verbs.

Postman collection

Postman is a popular collaboration platform for API development. It allows developers to design, test, and document APIs more effectively.

You can get started right away exploring Open API endpoints in relationship with our staging environment by downloading and importing the Postman collection. For your convenience, the collection generates fake data, includes examples for common use-cases, and will automatically store the authentication token so that protected endpoints can be used.

Once the collection has been imported, simply create an environment in Postman with these settings:

VariableCurrent Value
site_id[ Insert your Site ID here ]