id int

Unique identifier for the object.

active bool

Whether the product is available for purchase. Can be (1) for active, and (0) for inactive.

address_required bool

Whether a shipping address is required when subscribing to only plans associated to this product.

description string

The product’s description, meant to be displayable to the customer. Use this field to optionally store a long-form explanation of the product being sold for your own rendering purposes.

is_hidden bool

Whether the product is hidden in the platform.

is_imported bool

Whether the product was imported.

name string

Name of the product which will appear on your site.

name_internal string

Internal reference name for the product (not visible to public)

language string

Product language

package_dimensions string

shippable bool

Whether the product is shippable.

statement_descriptor string

What appears on your customers' bank statements.

unit_label string

countries array

List of countries the product is available for purchase.

image string

Image of the product URL uploaded into the platform

plans array

Always expanded, this is a list of Plans associated to this product.