id intUnique identifier for the object.
agency_id intThe ID of the agency object that should be associated with this plan. Please contact your account manager for more information or to create agencies on your account.
product_id intAssociated product this plan belongs to.
active boolWhether the plan is currently available for purchase.
agency_remit_rate intThe remit rate that will go back to your business while the rest will be paid to the agency.
amount intThe unit amount in cents to be charged, represented as a whole integer if possible.
apple_product_id stringIf non-null, this is the linked product ID for Apple In‑App Purchase
available_online boolWhether the plan is available on your site.
auto_renew boolThis dictates whether a subscription assigned to this plan will auto-renew or not when the subscription is initiated. The subscription can go back to auto-renew separately.
currency stringThree-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase. Must be a supported currency.
countries arrayIf plan is only available in certain countries, those will be listed in an array as ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes.
description stringA brief description of the plan.
domains arrayA list of domain names (i.e or * that will be used in a free plan
entitlements arrayThe list of entitlements.
group_owner_plan_id intThe group owner plan ID.
gift_description stringThe gift description.
image stringThe link to the image.
interval stringThe frequency at which a subscription is billed. Can be one of the following options: day, week, month, or year.
interval_count intThe number of intervals (specified in the interval attribute) between subscription billings. For example, interval=month and interval_count=3 bills every 3 months.
ip_addresses arrayA list of public IP addresses (i.e 192.168.1 or 192.168.10/26) that will be used in a free plan
metadata arrayAn array of metadata.
nickname stringThe plan name.
name_internal stringInternal reference name for the plan (not visible to public)
renewal_strategy stringOne of agency, digital, regular or single_shipment
shipments_per_interval intThe number of shipments per interval. This value will get decremented on every approved fulfillment by one on the subscription and will re-added once the invoice is regenerated every new interval.
trial_period_days intThe number of days that will be provided to the subscription as a trial.
is_hidden boolWhether the plan is currently hidden on your site or not.
type stringSpecify the type of the plan either regular or membership
member_seat_capacity intIf the plan type is membership this specifies subscriptions member seat capacity.
old_provider_id stringThe current/old external plan ID associated with a migrated plan.
is_importedboolDefine if the plan is imported or not
invoice_upcoming_notificationDays before sending a reminder for any upcoming subscription sign-up or renewal invoices related to the configured plan