This object represents a physical location, and includes attributes such as street address, city, state/province, postal code, and country. This object provides a structured way to store and manage location information, making it easier to process and retrieve accurate address details within your application.

Address object

idintA unique identifier for this address assigned by the system.
typestringThe address type, one of shipping or billing.
user_idintThe unique identifier of the customer this address belongs to. expandable
is_defaultbooleanA flag indicating whether this is the customer's default address (true) or not (false). A customer can have only one default address of the same type set at all times.
first_namestring¦nullThe customer's first name.
last_namestring¦nullThe customer's last name.
line1stringThe first line of the address, typically containing the street number and street name.
line2string¦nullThe second line of the address, which can be used for apartment number, suite number, etc.
citystring¦nullThe name of a city, town, village, etc.
statestring¦nullThe two-letter code of the state, region, or province. Learn more here.
countrystringThe two-letter code of the country, as specified by ISO 3166 alpha-2 standard.
postal_codestring¦nullPostal code or zip associated with the address.
companystring¦nullThe company name associated with the address.
salutationstring¦nullA salutation for the address, such as Mr., Ms., Dr.
titlestring¦nullThe customer's title within the company.
departmentstring¦nullThe department associated with the address.
phonestring¦nullNumeric phone number associated with the address.
old_provider_idstring¦nullAn optional field that might contain an identifier used by a previous system for this address.
created_atintUnix timestamp (seconds since epoch) of when the address was created.
updated_atint¦nullUnix timestamp (seconds since epoch) of when the address was last updated.