This object represents your subscribers or customers. It stores various information including contact details (name, email, phone, addresses), billing information (default payment method), marketing preferences, and custom data points which can you can define and store via the metadata attribute.

Customer object

idintUnique identifier for the object.
emailstringThe customer's email address.
first_namestringThe customer’s first name.
last_namestringThe customer’s last name.
default_sourceintUnique identifier of the customer's default payment method expandable
addressesarrayList of all billing and shipping addresses which are associated with the customer. expandable
display_namestringThe customer's display name.
email_confirmboolA boolean on whether the customer's email address was confirmed.
email_hardbounceboolA boolean on whether the customer's email is hardbounce.
mail_marketingboolA boolean on whether the customer authorized to received mail marketing.
metadataobjectSet of key-value pairs that you can attach to an object. This can be useful for storing additional information about the object in a structured format.
namestringThe customer's full name.
old_provider_idstringThe ID of customer before migrating into Pelcro, this field will be searchable from the platform.
phonestringThe customer’s phone.
phone_confirmboolA boolean on whether the customer's phone was confirmed.
salutationstringThe customer’s salutation.
titlestringThe customer’s title.
tinstringThe customer's tax identification number.
organizationstringThe customer’s organization ID expandable
tele_marketingboolA boolean on whether the customer authorized to received telemarketing.
has_passwordboolA boolean on whether a password is set for the customer account.
password_last_updated_attimestampTime at which password was last updated.
is_importedboolDefine if the customer is imported or not
created_attimestampTime at which the object was created.
last_login_attimestampTime at which the customer last logged in to the website
updated_attimestampTime at which the object was last updated.
deleted_attimestampTime at which the object was deleted.
subscriptionsarrayList of all the customer's subscriptions. expandable
last_login_methodstringThe method the customer used in their last login.
usernamestringThe customer's username. Must contain only alpha-numeric characters, dashes or underscores, as well as being unique under the same account.