Analytics & Reporting

Pelcro offers a multitude of Reports, giving you proper insight into your business.

When logged into your Pelcro account, click on the "Analytics" tab to access all of your Business related analytics and reports:

Once you're on the Analytics page, you'll have the "Gross Volume" report displayed by default. Pelcro offers a list of available reports:

Gross Volume


New Customers

New Subscriptions

Canceled subscriptions

Expired subscriptions

Shipments Renewal

Subscription by Source

Subscription by Location

Subscription by Coupon

Subscription by Payment Type

Invoice by coupon

Offline payments by depositor

New phases (renewals)

Active Subscriptions

For each report you select, you'll have two types of information displayed on the page:

  • The Graph View:
  • The detailed List View:

For each report, you have the flexibility to play around with the date range and set it to whichever interval you wish to. You also have the flexibility to display your data using the following grouping:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Finally, you also have the ability to export your data into a CSV format. The data exported uses the data range and the report type as a filter.

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