Agency subscriptions allow you to make it easier for 3rd party agencies to sell subscriptions on your behalf at scale.


Agency subscriptions are configured on the plan level. Each plan needs to be associated with an agency in order to report subscriptions per agency.


Once plans have been configured per agency, the subscriptions to each plan are created via our import tool. Agencies typically have internal order systems they use to create subscription orders. The orders are then exported from their system and imported using our import tool. This will automatically associate the subscription to the correct agency. You can learn more about the agency import here: Import tool.


Plans can be configured to either include a commission or exclude it. This is dependent on your business processes.

Commission Excluded

Configuring plans to be commission exclusive is easier to manage for business and will have no impact on your accounting reports.

Commission Included

Configuring a commission on the plan for the agency will separate the commission in the accounting reports which will allow you to report the breakdown of the accounting exports.

You can learn more about the accounting reports here.

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