id intUnique identifier for the object.
user_id stringUnique identifier of the customer expandable
first_name stringThe customer’s first name.
last_name stringThe customer’s last name.
type enumThe address type, can be shipping or billing. Can be (1) for shipping, or (2) for billing.
title stringThe address nature, for example home or business.
line1 stringThe first line of the address.
line 2 stringThe second line of the address.
city stringThe name of a city, town, village, etc.
state stringThe two-letter code of the state, region, or province. Learn more here.
country stringThe two-letter country codes as specified by ISO3166 alpha-2. Learn more here.
postal_code stringPostal code or zip associated with the address.
phone stringNumeric phone number associated with the address.
is_default boolWhether this address is flagged as the default.
old_provider_id stringThe ID of address before migrating into Pelcro