Release 1.54



Customer Organizations
To expand on Pelcro's CRM functionalities, we're introducing the "Organizations" object. You can use the organization property to store information about businesses and organizations which are tied to your customers. This helps you to upscale tracking all the different organizations you work with, and be able get a sense of industries which are interested in your products and services, so that you can cater to your right markets.


Exporting Products & Plans
You can now export products and plans information directly from the platform in the same way you export other objects to CSV format for all of your business operational and reporting needs.


Deferred Revenue Export
You can now export your deferred revenue balance per customer so that you can show it to the auditor from the Accounting module on the Pelcro platform if you click on the 'Download Total Deferred Revenue' button.


Uncollectible Invoice Status
The 'uncollectible' invoice status is now a terminal state for any given invoice. Meaning that if an invoice's status is 'uncollectible', then it cannot be changed to any other state such as 'void' or 'past due'.




  • You can set the following attributes through our Products & Plans CORE API endpoint(s).

    • old_provider_id: denotes the current/old external product ID associated with a product which you're migrating into Pelcro.
  • You can import your customers into Pelcro even if they don't have a valid email address through our Customers CORE API endpoint

    • email: The customer’s email address can now be nullified on customer creation and update.
  • You can import your addresses into Pelcro even if they don't have their exact details yet through our Addresses CORE & OPEN API endpoint(s). The following attributes which are tied to addresses can now be nullified:

    • first_name
    • last_name
    • city
    • state
    • postal_code
  • You can set the following new attribute through our Subscriptions CORE API endpoint to avoid creating associated invoices and charges. This can be used for migrating paid subscriptions from old platforms into Pelcro.

    • next_invoice_date: A future timestamp for creating a subscription without invoice generation (should match current_period_end).
  • You can find the 'suspended_until' timestamp on the subscription resource for the Open API. If the value is null, then the shipments for a subscription are not suspended.


  • New attributes to all subscription relevant webhooks which helps you keep a record of all changes in subscriptions:
    • renews_at: timestamp of the next scheduled renewal date for a given subscription.
    • expires_at: timestamp of the expiry date for a given subscription.
    • auto_renew: indicates whether a given subscription is set to automatically renew.



  • Fixed behavior for all collaborator roles being displayed as "Administrator" on the platform. Now, each collaborator role will be displayed to match their current privileges.
  • Fixed behavior for filtered subscriptions displayed on the platform not matching their counterpart on exports.
  • Fixed behavior when creating a payment method through the platform through Vantiv gateway not marking the payment method as the default one.
  • Fixed behavior of an error being displayed upon attempting to archive and delete a product with no active plans.



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