Release 1.55



Campaign Builder Beta


As a business one of the key elements you should be invested in tracking is the success of your marketing campaigns, and that's why we're introducing our new campaign builder to create and automate some of your marketing messaging through data-driven segmentation. This new module combines with our list builder to assist you with messaging related to product launches, brand awareness, minimizing churn, and more. Read all about it right here.

List Builder 2.0


Pelcro's list builder just got a major facelift! Major enhancements have been added to empower you with a robust set of segmentation mechanisms to target different people based on what is appropriate for your audience, including segmentation based on your offerings, transactions, customers, and geographical data. (Learn more)


Additionally, we're introducing new "Campaign" lists, which can combine with our campaign builder in the context of your segmented marketing efforts. These lists can leverage a wide array of segmentation filters to build your marketing personas, and accordingly tailor your brand’s messaging, positioning to be closely aligned to those personas in order to be effective. (Learn more)


Our list exports will also have more information about gift subscriptions, including gift donor invoice & coupon code used to pay for the gift. And not to let our fulfillments miss out on all the hype, we've added a new 'name' field to our fulfillment module, so that you're able to distinguish between your different fulfillment efforts.

3DSecure v2


With the newly introduced security standard required by the Second EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2), Merchants, acquirers, card issuers and customers require strong authentication (also known as two-factor authentication) for payments. To comply with this requirement, we've added support to the new version of 3-D Secure 2 for our payment mechanisms across the platform and Pelcro elements to guarantee compliance, without compromising on your frictionless experience.

Paywall Enhancements

Our paywall's segmentation capabilities got even better! Now you're able to target more users more granularly based on Target URLs, Custom JavaScript, and JSON Metadata.


The URL pattern fields allow you to segment users based on a certain URL pattern.

  • Exclude URL pattern: If you add a value here, any user with that value in the URL will be excluded from this paywall targeting and will not see the paywall.
  • Target URL pattern: if you add a value here, any user with that value in the URL will be targeted and they can see the paywall if they fit the criteria in all the other fields.

The Custom JavaScript field allows you to add the body of a function that returns true or false. This allows for great customization with anything JavaScript related. Here is an example of using this field to target any user who is authenticated:

return window.Pelcro.user.isAuthenticated();

The JSON Metadata fields allow you to add JSON to accompany the title and subtitle fields that you send along with each step on the paywall configuration. For example, if you would like to customize the text on the submit button for registration, it could look like this:


Note: Some customization could be required for your UI. Please consult your Account Manager.

Restructuring of Paywalls

In order to support segmentation and targeting for more than one user group under the same product, you can now add more than one paywall under each product. Simply visit 'View paywalls' on the '...' button next to your products.

This provides ultimate flexibility regarding who you want to target. For example, one paywall messaging can target users who are authenticated, and another paywall can target users who are not authenticated. Each group of users will see different (and more personalized) messaging that can help in conversions.

Below you can find an example of 2 different paywalls added under the same product.


Improved Accounting

We're giving our in-demand accounting function some serious attention, to ensure that your books are simplified and your time is saved. Some of these changes include the below, but stay tuned for more to come in the upcoming releases:

Deferred Revenue Export


You can now export your deferred revenue balance per customer so that you can meet any auditory or regulatory requirements. This export will cater to both time-based and shipment-based revenue recognition, allows you to have visibility over consumption, and will provide you a breakdown of the balance available on your accounting dashboard.

Accounts Receivable Export


You'll also be able to export your accounts receivable in the same fashion, to track funds that customers owe you for offerings that have been invoiced.

Customizable List Headers

To enhance your user experience on the platform, you'll now be able to select the headers you see on specific list views, so that you can better analyze your data directly from the platform without having to do it through CSV exports. This is currently available within the subscriptions and customers sections (Look for the gear icon at the top right of your section table).


Oh, and don't worry about messing up the view for others - Each collaborator has their own separate view.

Enhanced sorting & filtering for Memberships


We've added a number of improvements for memberships; among which, you will now be able to search and filter through your memberships with our recently introduced functionalities. This allows you to specify the exact parameter you're searching with, filter search results based on specific criteria, export only filtered results, and sort based on specific columns.

Keep scrolling to learn more about other improvements as well!

Other Additions

  • You'll now be able to optionally update a subscription's address when the "address is required" option is disabled on the product level. This is especially useful for gift subscriptions since addresses are not usually required for donors, yet recipients require an address for physical products.

  • We've added some useful data points to our refunds & payments exports, including payment category, refund reason, and organization name.

  • We now support tax collection for businesses in the UAE.



Memberships Management

Your end customers can now view and edit the address on their memberships all on their own directly from their dashboard.


Shipments Management
Your end customers can now selectively suspend their shipments temporarily from their dashboard, in case they're not available to receive shipments for any reason.





  • More on the memberships front, you can now leverage our core API for memberships through our new Memberships API endpoints for any automation/reporting that is needed for your memberships. Additionally, you'll be able to use our new open API endpoints to create invitations for memberships, and authorize them by IP/domain.

  • Our newly introduced campaigns come with a new open API endpoint to retrieve campaign information based on campaign ids and campaign keys.


  • New attributes added to invoice.upcoming webhook which helps you identify more information related to the invoice offering:
    • days_to_creation
    • productName
    • internalProductName
    • planNickname


  • SDK complementary functions which tie in with the aforementioned membership & campaign open API endpoints.

  • New PelcroPaywallDisplayed JS event that gets triggered when displayPaywall SDK function is executed.



  • The final piece for our memberships this release, is that we've also integrated membership events into Mailchimp to ensure membership information is synced across automatically. This happens for:

    • member.activated for newly activated memberships.
    • member.created for newly created memberships.
  • We've updated Mailchimp merge tags:

    • Seeing updated subscription status events for the SUBSTATUS merge tag.
    • Reflecting cancellations at period end on the CNCLATEND merge tag.
  • Our Vantiv payment gateway will now require expiry date for newly added payment cards on checkouts.



  • We'd like you to always feel in control of the product, and able to work autonomously with minimal effort without jumping through hoops, that's why we are constantly working to update our documentation to ensure it remains up-to-date, relevant, easily accessible and structured in a consistent manner. Check it out here!

  • Check out our case studies & client success stories which capture a range of perspectives of our client experience, and how Pelcro made a difference to each of them.

  • Keep an eye out for our new videos on our Youtube channel, to see how businesses increase subscriptions by more than 150% when relying on the fastest subscription process powered by Pelcro.

  • Don't forget to check out our new Product Roadmap to see what's in the making, and provide us with ideas, concerns, and insights to help us build products that matter.

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