What's New in Version 1.40 (Newton)

about a month ago by Sherif Kamal

"No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess."

  • I. Newton (1643- 1727)

Credited as one of the great minds of the Scientific Revolution, Sir Isaac Newton is irrefutably one of the most influential scientists in history. His contributions to the fields of physics, mathematics, astronomy and chemistry changed the way we see and understand the world around us, from the theory of gravity, the laws of motion (the basis for physics), calculus, to breakthroughs in the area of optics such as the modern telescope. His impact on the development of early modern philosophy was so profound that it is difficult to grasp the early history of philosophy without considering Newton's role as a prominent natural philosopher of his time.

We continue to learn, grow, and improve by making a habit of asking the right questions, while putting ourselves in your shoes, to understand both your pain points and aspirations. Exploring these needs and making educated data-driven estimates enables us to provide you with the support and involvement that would usher your products and services for reaching peak engagement, offer you a personalized experience that meets your needs both safely and securely, and ensure that you can rely on Pelcro as the right partner to grow your business.

After all, while the story of the apple dropping on Newton's head remains questionable, the moral of the story is not; while million saw the apple fall, Newton was the one who asked "why?".

Let's take a look at some of our new improvements:










  • You can now allow your users to either select an address from their current list of existing addresses, or even add a new one through their Interface.
  • We have added a "saved and followed" button on the Elements package that allows for saving and unsaving content from anywhere on your site with the appropriate styling.
  • You can now customize the theme color of the Pelcro interface components from the Plecro platform to your end-users, so that it can match your brand identity and design colors.
  • Your end-users now have the ability to upload a profile picture which will be available on their dashboard through their interface.
  • You are now able to view your more details on your ecommerce orders on your dashboard under the "Purchases" section.



  • As an additional layer of security upon password changes, all current/previous sessions are immediately invalidated and will require reauthentication.
  • The sourceExpiring event from stripe is now reflecting correctly on our platform and generates an exception. The event also reflects on Mailchimp.
  • When you suspend a subscription, and the current date is greater than the suspension date, the subscription will automatically be un-marked/ignored, so that subscriptions where the suspension has ended are not filtered out.



  • We'd like you to always feel in control of the product, and able to work autonomously with minimal effort without jumping through hoops, that's why we are constantly working to update our documentation to ensure it remains up-to-date, relevant, easily accessible and structured in a consistent manner. Check it out here!