What's New in Version 1.32 (Thales)

10 months ago by Frédéric Trudeau

The most challenging thing in life truly is to know yourself. And if you want to generate recurring revenue, the most important thing is to know your subscribers. To do that, you need to look at how your users are engaging with you. Understanding where they're coming from, what they want to buy, and how they wish to subscribe.

This update introduces the first version of our AMP on Google integration, simplifies the setup process for Apple Pay®, provides the ability to see metadata containing more customer information straight from our platform, and adds more flexibility and control over your offerings with plan entitlements.

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Pelcro provides you with everything you need to integrate with AMP on Google out of the box. This allows you to create a custom AMP page experience based on the authorization and subscription statuses.

For more information and to get started using this new integration, see the related documentation.



Pelcro now supports retrieving basic information from Facebook and Google when any customer wants to create a new account on your website through our UI. See the related documentation to set this up for your website.



You can now enable Apple Pay directly from the site settings. For more information, see the related documentation.



The monthly accounting report's default view now displays information related to standard subscriptions (which includes gifted subscriptions). To view accounting information related to agency subscriptions, use the new drop-down menu that was added in the header.

For more information, see the related documentation.


  • Subscription, product, and plan information was added to the taxes summary export. We also added the notion of subscription type to all accounting exports, which can currently hold these values: STANDARD, GIFT or AGENCY
  • We added the ability to mark a past due invoice as uncollectible.
  • We added the billing_reason attribute to the invoice as well as accounting exports.
  • We fixed the segmentation in the invoice list: selecting either Open or Past due invoices should now work as expected.



Store different entitlements for your Pelcro plans. Customize more your shipping lists using the new filter entitlements or retrieve it via the site SDK API



  • If you are saving custom metadata which includes your customer's company and job title, those or now displayed directly in the customer's view
  • The report for gross volume in the analytics is now segmented by currencies
  • The year is now displayed for all relevant resources in the platform
  • We now keep track of the original plan amount and discount percentage via new original_amount and original_discount_percentage attributes
  • Plan metadata is now accessible from the SDK, via the Site.get() method
  • We adjusted the UI for Lists and Fulfillments, and added direct links to those pages as sub-menu items, under the Shipments menu in the platform
  • We adjusted the UI for Refunds to issue

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself”

Thales of Miletus