Release 1.64



New additions to List Builder export

  • We've added a new field in the list builder export; the subscription period end date which will save you the trouble of having to navigate further to find the end dates.



  • We've added the mail marketing and the telemarketing fields to be displayed on customer webhooks payloads. These field values can be leveraged within the context of any integrations working with Pelcro webhooks to indicate whether customers are authorized to receive telemarketing or Email marketing. customer.created webhook customer.updated webhook
    • mail_marketing: This attribute specifies whether the customer is authorized to receive mail marketing or not.
    • tele_marketing: This attribute specifies whether the customer is authorized to receive telemarketing or not.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the subscription collection method was not accurately reflected for some subscriptions renewed by the campaign builder. This fix will now accurately reflect the collection method of all the subscriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the triggered customer events were being reflected as undefined on Google Analytics 4. These events can now be properly viewed and analyzed on your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug in the expiry date filter on the list builder in the platform. This bug led to the lists generated having an inaccurate list of subscriptions when this filter is used. We addressed this bug to ensure that the generated lists have the correct subscriptions.
  • Fixed a bug related to failed payments in PayPal causing payments to not be automatically charged from the saved payment method. Additionally, payment failure codes are now captured and saved for future reference.


Documentation updates

  • We'd like you to always feel in control of the product, and able to work autonomously with minimal effort without jumping through hoops, that's why we are constantly working to update our documentation to ensure it remains up-to-date, relevant, easily accessible, and structured in a consistent manner. Check it out here!

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