What's New in Version 1.63



New Upgrades to List Builder

  • We've added a new option under the available list builder filters, that would allow you to include or exclude subscriptions based on their expiry date within your segmentation criteria. This helps you with business use cases such as extracting and actioning subscribers based on their possibility of churning or no longer renewing for example.
  • One additional enhancement is that you can choose to select expiration dates either in the future or in the past, depending on the need. For example, if you want to target subscriptions that have expired in the past 1-2 months to send them a new promotion, you can apply the following values:

A newly added auto-renew field!

We've added a new field to the platform that allows you to automatically renew your subscription. This field is called "auto-renew" and is located in the subscription creation and renewal screens. When this field is checked, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of its current period, so you won't need to manually renew it. If the field is unchecked, your subscription will expire at the end of its current period. This new feature is designed to make it easier for you to keep your subscription active and ensure that you don't miss any of the benefits that come with it.

Enhancement to the Subscription export report!

We have added a new field to the subscription export report in the subscription screen, called the "Old Provider ID". This field will save you the time & effort of having to search for the old provider ID when exporting your subscriptions.



GA4 is now supported by Pelcro

As Pelcro is committed to utilizing the latest technology to provide the best possible experience for our users, we are excited to announce that we now fully support GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics. This means that users can now track and analyze their events and actions using the latest version of GA4, providing more detailed insights and improving the overall tracking process. Google Analytics!


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the eCommerce order charge.succeeded and charge.failed webhooks were not triggering.
  • The error message in case of modifying the email address of an end user from the UI has been updated to provide a clearer explanation of the issue and the steps required to resolve it. This should improve the user experience and prevent confusion or frustration.


Documentation updates

  • We'd like you to always feel in control of the product, and able to work autonomously with minimal effort without jumping through hoops, that's why we are constantly working to update our documentation to ensure it remains up-to-date, relevant, easily accessible, and structured in a consistent manner. Check it out here!

  • Keep an eye out for our new videos on our Youtube channel, to see how businesses increase subscriptions by more than 150% when relying on the fastest subscription process powered by Pelcro.

  • Don't forget to check out our new Product Roadmap to see what's in the making, and provide us with ideas, concerns, and insights to help us build products that matter.

    • You can suggest new ideas and add them to Pelcro's product team right here.