What's New in Version 1.56




Introducing Tap payments as our latest addition to our list of supported payment gateways, to offer a seamless and scalable payment experience when it comes to payment processing. If you are signing up, or paying for your recurring subscriptions, eCommerce products, or both, these can now all be processed through Tap payments. Tap supports processing payments in 10+ currencies, allowing you to authorize customers in their native currency while receiving funds in yours.

Failed payment retries WorldPay (Vantiv)


If you are using Vantiv as your payment gateway and would like to configure payment dunning for failed payments, you can now use our payment retries setting to allow Pelcro to attempt to retry your customer’s credit card based on the specified settings if we receive a response from your payment gateway indicating that the card cannot be successfully charged.

Subscription End Date


As an admin, you are now able to update the end date of the subscription to before or after the existing end date. If you update the subscription to after the existing end date, the time period where the subscription was extended will have a new status called 'extended'. This will make it easier for you to see which subscriptions have been extended.

  • You will not be able to update subscriptions with renewals/phases added to them
  • You will only be able to update subscriptions that are not on autorenew

Renewals on Campaign Builder


You can now create bulk renewals on subscriptions that you segment on lists as part of the campaign builder. This functionality will allow you to select a new plan you want all the selected subscriptions to renew on and it will be scheduled as a future phase. You can also receive on export with the status of the renewals.

Invoice Payment Link


You're end-users can now pay any open invoice through our Invoice Payment Link. This link is available on the platform, webhooks and Core API. Any user with this link can pay off an invoice. This is super useful for collecting online payments after an invoice is created without it being charged automatically as part of the subscription.

eCommerce Inventory Management
You can now add a quantity to your eCommerce SKUs. The quantity will decrement with each order placed for a specific SKU and will return an error if an order is being made on a SKU with quantity=0.

Other Additions

  • We've introduced some platform enhancements to help make your experience better, including:

    • Added all the invoice & address details actions on the their corresponding list sections ellipsis menus for quick access.
    • Changed address search interface to match the new components introduced on subscriptions & customers.
    • Added a confirmation window on some invoice actions, including marking invoices as paid and as void.
    • Changed the customer field on subscriptions details view from displaying only the customer email to additionally include customer id & name, and linking back to the corresponding customer view.
    • Within the customer details page, we've added subscription & invoice ID columns under subscriptions & invoices tabs respectively and made them link directly to the corresponding invoice details.
    • Changed some colors to be contrast-compliant for accessibility purposes on the side navigation menu and main sections links.
  • We've now added the ability to issue offline refunds for migrated invoices when a migrated subscription gets cancelled on the platform.

  • We've added some useful data points to our refunds export, including subscription source and cancellation initiation. We've also changed the column titles on the campaigns export to be more descriptive.

  • We've surfaced the expiry date for your API access tokens to ensure that you keep track of the lifetime of your tokens, and ensure a regular recycling of them is in place.

  • We've introduced some performance enhancements relating to how our automatic uncollectible billing setting works on the backend.

  • We've added a new field called email_hardbounce that you can update based on feedback from your ESP.

  • We've added email verification events as part of our MailChimp integration.

  • We've added the last login date & number of successful logins in the customer and membership exports.




  • Core API: We've introduced the ability to include the new attribute old_provider_id with important objects being created within Pelcro to help you keep track of them as they relate to legacy platform which you've been using for subscription management prior to Pelcro. This is applicable to products, plans, subscriptions, invoices, and charges on their respective CREATE endpoints.

  • Core API: We've introduced the ability to effectively find subscriptions associated with a customer by adding:

    • Support for expanding subscriptions on customer LIST & GET endpoints.
    • Support for using subscription LIST for a specific customer id via a new optional query parameter customer_id



  • Fixed behavior for the customer/subscription list ellipsis menu not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed behavior for performance degradations for customer.created & subscription.created webhooks triggering.
  • Fixed behavior for webhooks appearing to be unselected under notification settings although all events are configured.
  • Fixed behavior for subscription's discount not matching the latest phase's discount in case of some renewal cases.
  • Fixed intermittent errors being displayed upon marking invoice as paid from the invoices list.



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