What's New in Version 1.68


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New Features

Self-Serve Payment Method Actions


As a customer, I want the ability to Add/Edit/Delete/Set Default payment method(s) via my user dashboard so that I have the correct default payment method set for future purchases.

We're delighted to announce that managing payment methods just got a whole lot easier! Now, your customers can seamlessly manage their payment methods, giving them complete control over their financial preferences. Whether it's adding new methods, updating existing ones, deleting outdated cards, or even setting a default payment method, it's all now directly available through customer dashboard.

Address Management Enhancements


As a subscriber, I want the ability to manage the addresses on my account so I can ensure my billing & shipping addresses are set correctly when I move, and I receive my invoices & print issues at the correct location.

With this new feature, your customers will be able to effortlessly manage their addresses, ensuring their billing and shipping details are always up-to-date, particularly crucial during relocations. Rest assured that your customers' invoices and print issues will consistently reach the correct destination.


E-commerce Order SKU Filters


As an admin, I want to be able to see the total number of sold items on the orders page, this counter should automatically update if I added/removed filters that affect the number of displayed orders.

With this new enhancement on the orders page, you now have an automatic total number of sold items counter. This counter dynamically updates if you add or remove filters that impact the displayed orders. This will let you gain real-time insights into your sales effortlessly.

Add Coupon Code to the payload response of Get campaign Open API


As a client developer, I need to verify the Coupon Code tied to the campaign within the online subscription checkout process using a few API calls as possible.

With the addition of the Coupon Code to the Get Campaign API response, now it's easier to verify and apply coupon codes, streamlining the checkout experience and improving efficiency.

Of course, we know that no software is perfect, which is why we've also been hard at work fixing bugs and addressing user feedback. We're squashing countless bugs to ensure that our software is as stable and reliable as possible. And if you do encounter any issues, our support team is always here to help.

Bug Fixes

Platform When removing the trial period during subscription creation on the platform, it still gets added.

Webhooks Incorrect plan data in invoice.upcoming webhook

Platform Upon updating the end date of a memberships' subscription, several functionalities available through the subscriptions' update menu disappear, such as: domains/ip addresses