What's New in Version 1.65


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New Features

Multi-Account Access Management


As a business, I want to allow my collaborators to login into Pelcro and then navigate from one account to another without having to re-login.

Get ready to unlock a new level of efficiency in managing multiple accounts. With our next update, collaborators will be able to log in once and effortlessly switch between multiple accounts without the need to re-login. This means quicker access to critical information, streamlined workflows, less credentials to manage, and enhanced productivity for your team.

Newsletter History


As a business, I want to be able to search and export newsletter log events as needed so that I am able to produce evidence related to opt-outs upon request.

Stemming from a common requirement for privacy compliance, we're improving the traceability of newsletter opt-ins and opt-outs to be visible and exportable for the purpose of producing evidence needed for data subject rights requests that result from un-subscriptions or marketing opt-outs. This will be available by having a section under each newsletter details that lists the opt-in/opt-out history over time.

Predefined Cancellation Reasons


As an administrator, I want to change the cancellation text field to a dropdown, so that I can provide predefined options for all collaborators to select from, ensuring clear and consistent communication regarding cancellations.

With our latest update, the cancellation text field can be transformed into a convenient dropdown menu. Now, all collaborators can select predefined options, ensuring clear and consistent messaging for cancellations. This streamlined approach saves time, reduces human errors, and enhances the overall collaborator experience.

Exports API

Core API

As a collaborator, I want to be able to customize and automate various Pelcro exports, analytics, and accounting reports, so that I can eliminate repetitive efforts within my operational and reporting functions.

No more repetitive manual work! We're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking update to our APIs that allows you to customize and automate export and data extraction directly from our platform. This allows for easier and more efficient access to data, which can save a lot of time and effort. Additionally, This API makes it easier to share data with other systems and applications, which can lead to better collaboration and integration with other tools, and can help streamline workflows and improve productivity.


Navigation Enhancements


As a collaborator, I want to have a structured view of specific sections, so that I can easily navigate to them through clear instructions

Here's an overview of the changes:

  • Account & Site settings can now be accessed directly from the side navigation bar.
  • Logs are now accessible under account settings.
  • Site navigation actions can be accessed from the top-right site selection menu.
  • User actions can be accessed from the top-right site selection menu.

WorldPay Failed Payments Handling


As a business using Vantiv as their payment gateway, I want a unified workflow for hard and soft credit card declines during a new subscription purchase ensuring consistent and streamlined handling of declined payments.

We have adjusted the payment dunning logic with merchants using WorldPay such that payment retries will only be scoped to renewal-type transactions only if a credit card is declined. This ensures that retention mechanisms are only applicable to existing offerings, and not new ones.

Customer Column on Refunds Page


As business, I want the customer email to be prominently displayed in the refunds table, so that I can quickly identify and access the corresponding user profile for further assistance or investigation

We are introducing a new enhancement that will help you efficiently manage refund requests, providing better customer service and support. This new enhancement will display the customer email in the refunds table on the platform, making it easier to locate and manage customer refund requests.

Here's an overview of the changes:

  • The customer email was added to the refunds table, making it the first column and easily visible.
  • This new column will redirect you to the customer profile when clicked on.

Editing Campaign Keys on Pending Campaigns


As a collaborator I want to be able to edit the campaign key before starting the campaign, because this will give me more control over my campaign lists.

With this update, collaborators can now easily navigate to the campaign builder page in the platform and modify the key before starting the campaign. This gives you more control over making sure details which are relevant to the campaign can be corrected/adjusted, in case they have been incorrectly set before the campaign starts. You will also be able to see the campaign prefix relevant to campaigns which have autogenerated keys available on the campaign list page for more clarity.

Future Cancellation Options

Platform Elements Webhooks

As a collaborator, I want to have the ability to choose the exact time to cancel customers' subscriptions, so that manual effort is minimized

As a customer, I want to have the ability to choose the exact time to cancel my subscriptions, so that I have self-serve transparency and convenience, and not have to call customer support.

Organization Filter on Subscriptions


As a business, I want to be able to identify my subscribers based on their organization, so that I'm able to gain insights for demographic segmentation

We are excited to announce a new feature that will help you gain insights into your subscribers' demographic segmentation based on their organization. With this update, you will be able to identify your subscribers' organization and use this information to segment your subscribers for better targeting and analysis.

Here's an overview of the changes:

  • We have added the organization field to the subscriptions page on the platform.
  • The organization field will be displayed in the subscription exports.
  • We have also added an organization search filter to help you find specific subscribers quickly and easily.

Of course, we know that no software is perfect, which is why we've also been hard at work fixing bugs and addressing user feedback. We're squashing countless bugs to ensure that our software is as stable and reliable as possible. And if you do encounter any issues, our support team is always here to help.

Bug Fixes


  • Payment Retry intermittent issues for WorldPay payment gateway
  • Accounts Receivable failing to generate with large data sets
  • Some events related to customer actions not syncing to GA4 dashboard
  • Newly added credit cards not attaching to existing subscriptions in some instances when Automatic collection method transition is enabled

So there you have it - our next software release is shaping up to be a game-changer. We can't wait for you to try it out. Looking to stay in the loop on our software release progress? Look no further than our public roadmap! Follow along and stay in the know. It's like stalking us, but totally legal. 😉