Release 1.59



Cancellations & Refunds Improvements

Cancellations and refunds are a necessary part of doing business, but they can often be a source of frustration for both customers and companies. Pelcro is committed to improving how cancellations and refunds behave, so that you have better experiences with their interactions when dealing with cancellations and refunds. These changes include the following:

  • We've revisited the cancellations and refunds interface so that you have more granular control over the following:
    • Refund destination: controlling whether you're refunding directly to customer's credit card, account balance, or alternatively, as an offline refund.
    • Refund type: you will get the option to either refund in full, on a prorated basis, or a partial amount. This depends on whether you are cancelling the associated subscription or not.
    • Refund reasons: the list of preset refund reasons has been populated with more options: "Non sufficient funds", "Credit card chargeback", and "Transfer" to assist with additional refund contexts.
  • We've improved how your refunds are managed through the platform
    • All offline refunds will now be first credited to the customer balance, and will remain on the system under "pending" status, until they have been approved by you. This ensures that your finances are tracked accurately throughout the system until the actual refund has been issued to your respective customers either through check, cash, or otherwise. This will also include offline refunds which have been issued back to the customer as a result of subscription cancellation
    • You'll be able to either selectively process your pending offline refunds either one at a time, or in bulk. This gives you more control of tracking refunds which were issued, without additional hassle.
    • You'll now see two separate sections which separate pending online & offline refunds. Pending online refunds are tied to your payment gateway processing status, whereas pending offline refunds are controlled by you.
  • Refunds which are being issued to your customers will now take into account whether said customer has sufficient balance to process the refund or not. This ensures you don't run into financial inconsistencies when you attempt to refund a payment, but the customer has already made a new purchase for a different subscription in the future. Refunds of this sort will show up as a failed refund with the reason reflected accordingly.
  • You will be able to export all of your refunds through the refunds list regardless of whether they have been processed or not. This change reflects on offline refunds, which you would typically be able to export only if they were in a "to-issue" state in the past.

Adjusting Customer Account Balance

  • We now provide you with the ability to refund your customers' account balance back to your customers as an offline payment. This ensures that you have more flexibility to ensure your customers are not overspending and helps them stay within budget. The refund process is simple and straightforward, allowing customers to receive the money quickly without any hassle.
  • Payments which have been made directly to the customer account balance can now only be reverted back to the customer if the customer account balance allows it. This restriction also ensures that you mitigate any financial liabilities in case the customer account balance has been consumed for a different transaction.

Accounting Revisions


Bookkeeping is essential for any business to succeed, and Pelcro is no exception. It's important to keep track of all transactions, as well as accuracy in revenue generation. With this release, we're introducing a number of changes to how our accounting module works, so that your finance teams can easily monitor and ensure that your money is being handled properly.

  • All refunds for payments made against invoices are now tracked through corresponding credit notes. Credit notes will help your business ensure that the correct amount of money is being refunded to customers. This will be the case for refunds associated with cancellations and without. Refunds for payments made against the customer balance will not have an associated credit note.

Invoice/Credit Note PDF Adjustments
Modifications were done for the Invoice and credit note PDFs to provide you with more consistent details for invoicing purposes, meet regulatory requirements, and be able to have correct invoice references.

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Updates to eCommerce

e-Commerce Invoicing

We have introduced invoicing tied to e-commerce orders which will provide you with all benefits tied to invoicing; keeping track of your orders, and making sure the payments are accurately reflected.
We are also ensuring all the applicable invoice webhooks are included as clarified in the webhooks section below.


Customers export enhancement
Added Active subscriptions count column which helps you easily identify the customers' active subscriptions count which is beneficial from a reporting and operational point of view.




  • Core API -We've added reference to the charge object returned in the GET and LIST APIs

  • Core API - We've introduced the ability to edit customer address in invoice creation.

SDK additions:

  • A username support for the register function in SDK has been added.


  • Core API - We've added the ability for you to add/edit metadata for the coupon object
    This will enable businesses to extract and sync one-time coupon-related information on newly created subscriptions.

  • We implemented invoice webhooks for e-commerce orders.
    1. invoice.created
    2. invoice.payment_failed
    3. invoice.payment_succeeded
    4. Include product/SKU information in webhooks

  • We gave our webhooks some attention and ensured the webhooks' correct triggers are in place in addition to adding new triggers.
    - Ensure that invoice.payment_succeeded is triggered when the Invoice is marked as paid
    - Added payment (charge) object
    - Add
    - Add offline boolean to indicate whether it was an offline or online payment
    - Add payment.category = [“Card”, “Check”, “Wire”, “Transfer”, “External”, “Cash”}
    - Add payment.reference from the reference field from offline payment modal
    - The amount_paid and amount_remaining fields must be updated along with marking the invoice as paid.
    - Ensure that subscription.cancelled is triggered when: Subscription is cancelled by a collaborator/end user (expiry date is reached with cancel_at field, not NULL - whether immediately or at period end)


Interface improvements

  • Your users can now log in with an all-CAPS email.

  • Access from China now has to go through human verification via Captcha.

  • Blurring and un-blurring content
    Content is now automatically unblurred on login and blurred on logout without needing to manually refresh it based on the entitlements.



  • Fixed Payment modal displayed without selecting any plan in the purchase flow on the default UI.
  • Fixed customer ID not linked with the Address ID in the request in the core API update address.
  • Fixed success message not displayed when a subscription auto-renewal is reactivated.
  • Fixed upcoming invoice notification override functionality in the monthly plans.
    The correct behaviour in case of an upcoming notification from both the site settings and the plan level is that the notification from the plan level should override the one from the site settings. The fixed bug was sending it twice, one from the site settings and another one from the plan level instead of overriding it.



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