Release 1.58



Include payment link on invoice


Updating the Support Collaborator Role

The support collaborator role now has:

  1. View-only access on subscription products
  2. View-only access on eCommerce products
  3. Can manage eCommerce orders

Standalone Credit note PDF

  • In the credit notes list page, a link was added on the amount column that links directly to the credit note PDF view.
  • In the Invoice details page, under the credit notes section, a new column was added; Credit Note URL that downloads a PDF version of the credit note.
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Other Additions

  • We've added the subscription start date in the list export
  • We've added a Collection Method search filter for subscriptions
  • We've added a metadata field for SKUs under the eCommerce module
  • We've added the Member Created and Member Activated events to the SendGrid integration




SDK additions:

  • Address required on gift redemption condition
    Gift Redeem Modal

    • The gift-redeem modal is used when the user wants to start the flow of redeeming a gift code. once the user submits a gift code successfully in this modal, the code is stored in usePelcro's gift code field. If the gifted plan requires an address, it takes you to the address select/create modal first before the gift is successfully redeemed, otherwise the gift is redeemed right away.


  • 3DSv2 - Include payment link on invoice webhooks

  • We've added subscription, plan, and product information to charge webhooks

  • TAP - Logging & Error handling

    • For Charge requests:

      • Charge_ID & Payment Response are saved on Pelcro's activity logs
      • Charge_ID & Payment Response code surfaced on the following webhook notifications if TAP is the active payment gateway.
    • For Refund requests:

      • Charge_ID & Refund Response code are saved on Pelcro's activity logs
      • Charge_ID & Refund Response code are surfaced on the following webhook notifications if TAP is the active payment gateway



  • Fixed Platform List builder filtering not including eligible segments when selecting the current_period_end interval values
  • Fixed error displayed upon searching with the customer with the "All" filter selected in subscription list export.
  • Fixed SDK Country's tracked value missing from customer activity data



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