What's New in Version 1.52 (Ricardo)

“Nothing contributes so much to the prosperity and happiness of a country as high profits.”

David Ricardo
(1772 - 1823)

David Ricardo was a British political economist who is famous for his theories on comparative advantage, the principle of economic specialization, and the law of diminishing returns. Ricardo’s most important work is “On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation” which he published in 1817. It is considered one of the most important contributions to economic thought because it laid down the foundations for classical economics that were later used.

Comparative advantage is important for understanding the benefits of trade. Countries with comparative advantages will export more of their goods than other countries at a lower cost, which makes them more competitive in the global market. In today's digital economy, your software is your competitive advantage. At Pelcro, we understand that our solution should provide a framework for building a world-class software, so you can respond faster to customer needs, and adapt to a constantly changing market.

The namesake for this release comes from a sizeable amount of new features which are purely developed to maximize the potential of your products and services to your audience, at no added cost. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.



Searching, Sorting & Filtering Enhancements

  • Our platform just got a makeover! You will now be able to search and filter through your customers and subscriptions pages with our new functionalities. This gives you control over the following:
    • Specifying the exact parameter you're searching with (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.)
    • Filtering search results based on specific criteria (i.e. Creation Date, Expiry Date, etc.)
    • Exporting only filtered results from the platform
    • Sorting the lists based on specific columns

Payments & Refunds Categories

  • You can now choose specific categories for offline payments and refunds to account for distinctions of your payment flows within your accounting & reporting operations.
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Memberships Improvements

  • You can now create or update an address for your memberships customers.
  • You can now create fulfillments to cater to print membership subscriptions. All you need to do is create a list that includes the member-owner subscription. This fulfillment will include all the details of the members.

Internal Product & Plan Names
You now have the possibility to use an optional internal naming convention for products and plans, separate from the name being displayed publicly on your website for any internally needed categorizations or distinctions. These names can be defined while creating products or plans, and can be updated later as needed.

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New Billing Settings

  • Payment method expiration notifications is a new setting that allows you to trigger a webhook 30 days before the Credit Card expires so that you can inform you customers to update their credit card on file to prevent payments from failing.

  • Beta Failed payment retries is a new setting (currently available only for Vantiv gateway) that allows you to retry failed payments from your customers on new sign ups or renewals, in case there is a soft decline on the initial payment. Pelcro will retry charging the payment once every number days for a maximum number of times, based on the configured values.


Korean Support

  • Korean language is now supported Pelcro. You can set the Korean language in the site language setting and in the product language. This extends even to our API response codes as well.
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Other Enhancements

  • You will now see that a flag to distinguish your active and archived products on your products page without having to view the product details, much like the plans within.
  • We've made some minor cleanups to the site settings page for better usability. We've also made sure to include information about the site you're adjusting the settings for.



User Dashboard Enhancements

  • Your end users can now change the e-mail associated to their account to a different one directly from the dashboard.
  • Enable immediate subscription cancellation on customer dashboard is a new setting that allows you to control whether your customers can have the option to cancel their active subscriptions immediately (not at the end of their subscription period) directly from their user dashboard. You'll also have control over which geographical locations you can allow issuing a prorated refund for, based on any requirements needed.
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  • We added a new field on the MailChimp integration that gives you control over which data points you would like to exclude from being synced to MailChimp. Any data points added to that field will no longer be sent from Pelcro.




  • You can now programmatically add/update metadata right through our Core API for customers and subscriptions. This streamlines adding metadata key(s) to the existing metadata values, or updating specific metadata key(s).

  • You can now grant/control end-users access to member subscriptions based on email domain and IP addresses through our Open API. This can be done through 2 new Open API endpoints, one for IP addresses and one for Email domains, along with their supplementary JS SDK functions.

  • You can now allow your end-users to suspend their shipments from your website by leveraging our Open API. Users will be able to suspend any remaining shipments before their current subscription period ends.


  • We've added a number of javascript SDK events which should detect important events to help you develop customized responses and create a more dynamic website. This includes:

    • PelcroSubscriptionRenewed on renewing an existing subscription for the current user.
    • PelcroGiftRedeemed on redeeming a gift code.
    • PelcroNewsletterCreated on creating a new newsletter subscription for a specific email.
    • PelcroSubscriptionReactivated on reactivating a canceled subscription for the current user.
    • PelcroUserLoggedIn on logging in a registered user with an email and password.
  • We've also added the following UI elements events:

    • PelcroElementsCartOpened when the cart is opened, and includes the cart items in the event details.
    • PelcroElementsCartItemAdded when adding a new item to your cart using the, and includes the added item in the event detail.
    • PelcroElementsCartItemRemoved when removing an item from your cart, and includes the removed item in the event detail.


  • New shipments_per_interval attribute to the plan object on all relevant webhooks.
  • New canceled_by_email and canceled_by_type attributes to the subscription.canceled webhook, to distinguish whether a platform collaborator or a customer canceled the subscription.



  • subscription.updated webhook will now trigger after a subscription that was cancelled at period end is reactivated before then.
  • Payment fields on the platform will now cater to zero-dollar currency values.
  • Overlapping unit price error disrupting the unit price field, making it non-clickable has been fixed.



  • We'd like you to always feel in control of the product, and able to work autonomously with minimal effort without jumping through hoops, that's why we are constantly working to update our documentation to ensure it remains up-to-date, relevant, easily accessible and structured in a consistent manner. Check it out here!

  • Keep an eye out for our new videos on our Youtube channel, to see how businesses increase subscriptions by more than 150% when relying on the fastest subscription process powered by Pelcro.

  • Don't forget to check out our Product portal to see what's in the making, and provide us with your concerns and insights which helps us build products that matter.