What's New in Version 1.51 (Fayol)

“To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control. To foresee and plan means examining the future and drawing up the plan of action.”

Henry Fayol
(1841 - 1925)

To assess the effectiveness of your operations and strategize for growth, there has to be a core understanding of efficiency that is embedded in your business thought process. Fayol understood the importance of how diligent delegation and managerial skills were crucial to his success, and on a larger scale the success of projects associated with him. He further developed the idea that it's not just managerial skills, it's administrative functions, because skills alone are meaningless if they are not supplemented with the appropriate tools and channels to flourish. During the start of his career as a French mining director, Fayol spent his time supervising on-ground workers, understanding their day-to-day and how they conduct even their mundane tasks. As he began observing each and every employee, he started collecting insights on how to improve not only their jobs, but his, and everyone else in his position. He then went on to write about his 14 Principles of Management, which are still considered a good reference for organizational structure today.

To improve the platform with Fayol's perspective in mind, we decided to focus a bulk of our new features this release on operational management. Specifically, how to shave off minutes in your day by simplifying the process of conducting certain tasks via the platform. The goal is to create a seamless experience that not only caters to your business needs, but also exceeds them. We aimed to do this is through a variety of ways, from enhancing our reports further, to streamlining simple administrative tasks, which we'll go through in details below, because efficiency is everything in the digitized world we live in.

So without further ado, let’s introduce Release v1.51 "Fayol".



Upcoming invoice notifications

Remember those consumers who didn't pay their bills on time? Remember those who are consistently late? You're likely to recall their middle name as well. While it may appear amusing, late payments eat away at your cash flow over time. This is exactly why we added a new setting which can trigger webhook notifications ahead of the renewal date. This setting can be configured to get sent either 7 or 30 days before the renewal date, additionally, you can granularly control this setting on a plan level as need be.

Tax Module Improvements

Abiding by the tax requirements for each state and country, we have improved our tax module and now you can;

  • Configure taxes in the US based on the state selected
  • Configure taxes per product
  • Configure different taxes per each product

Immediate cancellation from customer dashboard

On the customer dashboard, you can now choose to either cancel immediately or at the end of the term of your subscription. Originally the customer would have to contact your business to cancel immediately or go through the refund procedures. With this feature, you provide options for your customers and also save time on operational tasks and customer support. If you paid via credit card, your refund would be issued via credit card if it's available and valid. If the card is not available or valid, the amount would be added to your customer balance on the platform. This would also be the case if the payment was done via send_invoice.

Invoice And Receipt PDF Builder

Pelcro has been there for you time and again for all of your digital and print subscription products which you offer to your customers through your online channels, but what about products which are offered offline? you'll need an invoicing system through which you can use to send and keep track of your invoices, without having to tie them to existing products, and now, we offer our very own Invoice and Receipt PDF builder, where you can create, white-label, track, and even export your invoices through. The invoice would also have the option to be translated into the language setting of the end-user.

Print Membership Management

Through our membership management feature, we've made a few enhancements so that you are able to do the following for individual members on print subscriptions, so that we can cater for shipping information (in addition to digital subscriptions). In addition to all of the features which were available for digital memberships, you'll now also have the following for print membership management:

  • Create or update individual member addresses which is relevant to their shipments
  • Additional performance and UI enhancements to make the overall experience more usable, valuable, and efficient
  • As an added bonus, you can also now make any membership modifications needed directly from the customer view

Reuse Previous Lists To Create New Lists

To save more of your time, we've created an option to make the list-building process easier. Now, instead of having to enter all of the segmentation details each time you want to create a new list, you can just replicate one of the existing lists and edit them accordingly. All you need to do is click on the ellipses next to any saved list and select the option "Reuse List".

Product/Plan Renewal Rate Report

We've added a new report under the analytics and reporting tab. The product/plan renewal rate helps you visualize your renewal rate per plan. This is helpful in understanding which plans are your customers more responsive to, it also provides insight for your product and marketing teams in directing more time and resources to these specific offerings.

Canceled/Churned Reports Revision

We've also updated the canceled/churned reports to incorporate important information you would need to know from customers. Now when you are viewing or exporting the data for this report, you can also the individual customer subscription records, including the reason for cancelation. A great way to gain better insights into your customers and why they might churn.



  • Fixed: Plan price selection limitations which were imposed on Products and plans that are configured on the Korean localization, and they are currently having limitation when trying to set the price.
  • Fixed: Suspended status is removed upon using Update subscription.
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies with some of the data points for the uncollectible invoices report were amended to guarantee 100% accuracy.
  • Fixed: We've fixed some issues on the backend which were causing some performance issues with exports.



  • We'd like you to always feel in control of the product, and able to work autonomously with minimal effort without jumping through hoops, that's why we are constantly working to update our documentation to ensure it remains up-to-date, relevant, easily accessible and structured in a consistent manner. Check it out here!