What's New in Version 1.5 (Say)

“Supply creates its own demand”

Jean Baptiste Say
(1767 - 1832)

As businesses evolve through an everchanging economic climate, operations and offerings must adapt to the demands of customers. In the world of economic evolution, a business wants to offer the best possible features to its customers to promote loyalty and healthy competition within the market. A way of promoting this sense is ensuring that you are not only catering to the needs of the customer but also exceeding them. This can be done by easing the process for you and your customers with convenient solutions to track and proceed with payments.

Jean Baptiste Say understood the importance of catering to the needs of those that keep your business alive. A true economist, Say dedicated a majority of his work to documenting the importance of effective selling values and how this affects the purchasing power of the market. He formulated a law of markets and wrote a book titled "A Treatise On Political Economy", which was published in 1803. Given that our current release is centered around promoting payment ease for our clients, it only made sense to fashion it after him.

So without further ado, let’s introduce Release v1.5 "Say".



  • Beta Introducing Vantiv as our latest addition to our list of supported payment gateways (Vantiv), to offer your customers more variety when it comes to payment processing. If you are signing up, or paying for your recurring subscriptions, eCommerce products, or both, these can now all be processed through Vantiv. As a business owner you can choose Vantiv as a payment gateway when first creating your account.
  • Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone. That's why we're introducing "Campaigns" to further promote your analytics and data collection. You'll now be able to create campaigns directly off of the platform, and tie them in with your subscriptions either at creation or renewal. Much like UTMs, this is helpful if you would like to track your campaigns and know which ones contributed the most to the success rate of your sign ups or conversion, while maintaining them on your records, all in one place.
  • We further enhanced our new membership management feature, and now, the membership admin can create new and update existing addresses for individual members as necessary. This helps you track your individual member information and keep everything up to date.



  • Another UI enhancement to ease the process for you and your customers. Instead of having to pay invoices via the platform, we’ve decided to remove all the extra steps and give your customers option to pay their invoices directly through their dashboards. This enhancement is created to make the payment process quick, efficient, and easy to track.



  • First and foremost, we're introducing a new way to manage your webhooks via the Pelcro Core API. Now, we're taking your automation to the next level by allowing you list, update, view details, subscribe, or unsubscribe from webhooks directly through the API. You'll be able to add webhook endpoints, descriptions, and select the events you want to subscribe to, much like how you do it on the platform, but even faster!

  • Introducing our very own stand-alone invoice builder APIs, which will allow you to create and track invoices on platform that are not particularly related to subscriptions or eCommerce orders. This allows you to use Pelcro as the source of truth while maintaining all the relevant payment records not only for your online products & services, but also your offline ones.

  • We added a new CORE API endpoint that you can use to create, and read payments, in order for you to charge customers. This is particularly helpful when you want to create offline payments directly through the Pelcro APIs, much like online payments, without the need to do it manually from the platform.

  • To supplement the new enhancements on membership management, we added a new SDK API endpoint to allow you to update/add address IDs assigned to the individual member record.

  • We've enhanced our customer CORE API endpoint by introducing more expandable objects: addresses and payment methods. Expanding relationships helps you reduce the number of requests you make to the Pelcro API, which boosts efficiency and performance in one go.



  • Added New hosted_invoice_url and invoice_pdf attributes where added in the invoice resource.



  • Fixed: Card selection dropdown will now only be visible if the "Automatically charge a payment source on file" option is selected on platform.
  • Fixed: IPv6 formatted IP addresses are now recorded correctly under customer details on platform.
  • Fixed: Subscriptions by location label is now showing correctly on the analytic section.
  • Fixed: Empty Form validation inconsistencies in relation with showing the pay button on user interface have been fixed.
  • Fixed: Generic server error behavior being displayed upon exporting orders list with applied date filters are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies related to the payments when using Braintree payment gateway have been addressed.
  • Fixed: +/- buttons behaving incorrectly when adding another SKU.
  • Fixed: Limiting the trial period days to 730 days to ensure consistency with maximum allowed plan intervals



  • We'd like you to always feel in control of the product, and able to work autonomously with minimal effort without jumping through hoops, that's why we are constantly working to update our documentation to ensure it remains up-to-date, relevant, easily accessible and structured in a consistent manner. Check it out here!