Frequently asked questions we receive from new and existing clients about our products and services.

Are all prices in USD?

Yes, all prices are in USD. You can contact sales if you have any special requests regarding payments.

Does Pelcro charge any transaction fees?

Pelcro does not charge any transaction fees on top of what you would be paying to a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal.

How do I migrate my data from Pelcro?

You can choose to perform a migration using the documentation provided or request the Pelcro Professional Services team to migrate user data and subscriptions (limits may apply depending on your plan). You can learn more here Migrating Your Data.

How do I install Pelcro on my website?

Pelcro works with virtually any CMS (content management system) in a matter of minutes by copy-pasting a few lines of JavaScript onto your website.

Any special plans for multiple domains?

Yes, you can contact sales to learn more.

Does Pelcro charge any implementation/setup fees?

Pelcro does not charge any implementation or setup fees unless you have any customizations, migrations, or integrations that you would like the Pelcro team to work on.

Does Pelcro offer development and consulting services?

Yes, the Pelcro professional services team is happy to help you based on your specific needs.

What is customer service?

These are services to help you with your customer service operations. Whether you need help with customer service or with the management of your lists and fulfillment, we have a team of dedicated customer service agents that we can deploy on your behalf.

Does the paywall work with incognito?

The paywall can block users from circumventing the paywall by using Incognito - however, this feature is an add-on for enterprise clients as it would require tracking articles left per user via our API and constantly updating it in the Javascript.

Does the paywall work when users disable Javascript?

We can detect whether a user has disabled Javascript. You can first start by tracking it in order to know how big of an issue it actually is. Based on that, you can create a policy on how to deal with these users. You can either redirect them to a page that requests that they enable it or you can decide to ignore them if there are very few who disable it.

What is your SLA?

You can learn more about our service level agreement here: https://www.pelcro.com/en/legal/sla

What is your average response time for the API?

It varies a lot based on the type of request, however, we do our best to abide by industry-level standards.

Is Pelcro compliant with GDPR?

Pelcro maintains a strong GDPR compliance program and is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy rights of all of our users across the world, in particular, by ensuring that Pelcro has appropriate technical, organizational, and operational security measures in place to protect the data you share with us. To learn more about these measures, please go to https://www.pelcro.com/en/security

How is Pelcro GDPR compliant while not hosting all customer data in the EU?

Pelcro transfers data internationally from the EU, Switzerland and the UK via the Standard Contractual Clauses incorporated into our DPA. Pelcro also uses the Standard Contractual Clauses with all of our subprocessors.

While we recognize and appreciate the concerns about the surveillance practices of the U.S. government, other countries likewise engage in similar practices and, as a result, we have taken a global perspective and respond only to law enforcement requests that adhere to established legal process and applicable law. We also follow industry best practices such as encrypting transfers of data from the EU to the US. If Pelcro can no longer comply with the frameworks which we rely on to transfer data, such as the Standard Contractual Clauses, we will notify you. Please know that our team is deeply committed to honoring your privacy rights, and we hope you continue to give us the opportunity to do so.

Can we integrate with external Identity Providers (IDP) in order to create an SSO feature?

Absolutely. We already support external IDPs in order to support social logins (Facebook and Google). The same mechanism would be implemented in order to support an external IDP.

How does Pelcro manage security?

We take security very seriously. It's our business to keep your business online. Security is a crucial part of this. However, this is not only about what we do. It's also about you. Since — we are in it together. You can learn more about our security here: https://www.pelcro.com/en/security