Unlocking the Power of Data

We understand that data is more than just numbers. It's the key to understanding your customers, optimizing your business, and driving growth. Our comprehensive exports give you access to a wealth of information, empowering you to:

  • Know Your Customers: Dive into customer demographics, purchase history, and subscription preferences to craft targeted marketing campaigns, personalize experiences, and identify upsell opportunities.
  • Track Financial Performance: Monitor revenue, costs, subscription renewals, and key metrics like MRR and ARPU to gain a clear picture of your financial health and inform budgeting decisions.
  • Optimize Operations: Analyze shipping data, fulfillment patterns, and inventory trends to streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure timely order delivery.
  • Uncover Hidden Insights: Identify patterns in customer behavior, product performance, and campaign effectiveness. These insights can fuel better product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decisions.
  • Stay Audit-Ready: Easily generate detailed reports for tax compliance, financial audits, and investor presentations.

Pelcro's exports are your gateway to actionable insights. By effectively analyzing and using this data, you can make informed decisions that drive customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and propel your business forward.

  • Combine Data Sources: Don't just look at exports in isolation. Combine data from different areas (e.g., subscriptions and customer support tickets) for a holistic view of the customer journey.
  • Visualize Your Data: Use charts, graphs, and dashboards to make data easier to interpret and spot trends.
  • Regular Reviews: Set up a regular cadence for reviewing key data and metrics to track progress and make adjustments as needed.
  • Data Privacy: Data is a valuable asset. Handle it responsibly to maintain trust and comply with privacy laws (e.g., GDPR, CCPA). Ensure exported data is securely stored and used only for legitimate business purposes.


We're here to help! If you have questions about understanding your exports or need technical support, don't hesitate to contact Pelcro support

How to Export Data

  1. Navigate to the section of the Pelcro platform containing the data you want to export.
  2. Look for the "Export" button in the top right corner of the section's detailed listing.
  3. Download or Wait for Notification: Depending on the size and complexity of your export, you may be able to download it directly or you'll receive an email when it's ready.
  4. File Format: Exported files will be in .csv format, which can be opened in spreadsheet programs.

Additional Tips

  • Account collaborators will have access to exports according to their assigned role.
  • You can leverage applicable filters on each section to limit the export data to only the subset you're interested in exporting.
  • Some sections (e.g. Customers) allow you to export data and metadata (custom fields) separately.
  • For programmatic data retrieval, explore Pelcro's available Export APIs.

List of Available Exports

CRM Exports

CustomersA list of all customers on your site or created directly on Pelcro.Platform, APIs
AddressesA list of all customer addresses associated with customer accounts.Platform, APIs

Common use cases:

  • Identify trends in customer behavior and preferences.
  • Analyze customer demographics and behavior to refine marketing strategies.
  • Import customer data into CRM platforms for more seamless management.
  • Quickly access customer contact details to provide efficient support.
  • Track customer growth, churn rates, and lifetime value.

Billing Exports

SubscriptionsA list of all subscriptions on your site or created directly on Pelcro.Platform, APIs
MembershipsA list of all memberships on your site or created directly on Pelcro.Platform, APIs
OrdersA list of all eCommerce orders on your site or created directly on Pelcro.Platform, APIs
InvoicesA list of all invoices generated for different billing transactions for purchasing an offering.Platform, APIs
PaymentsA list of all payment transactions processed for subscriptions.Platform, APIs
RefundsA list of all refunds processed through Pelcro.Platform, APIs
TaxesA list of individual tax rates applied to invoices.Platform
Customer BalancesA list of available credit/debit customer account balance transactions.Platform, APIs
Credit NotesA list of credit notes used to adjust invoice amounts.Platform, APIs

Common use cases:

  • Reconcile Accounts: Compare billing data (invoices, payments, refunds) with bank statements to ensure accurate financial records.
  • Identify Payment Trends: Analyze subscription payments, refunds, and customer balances to understand payment patterns and identify potential issues with churn or fraud.
  • Identify At-Risk Customers: Analyze subscription statuses, payments, and customer balances to flag potential churn and proactively engage at-risk customers with retention strategies.
  • Improve Customer Service: Access invoice and payment details to resolve customer billing inquiries efficiently.
  • Subscription Performance Analysis: Analyze subscription data to understand customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, and churn rates to optimize pricing strategies and marketing campaigns.
  • Inventory Management: Track orders and subscription details to ensure proper inventory management and avoid stock-outs.
  • Tax Compliance: Calculate and report sales tax based on customer location and tax rates applied (as reflected in invoices).

Catalog Exports

ProductsA list of all subscription/membership products created or configured on your site.Platform, APIs
PlansA list of all pricing plans available within a given product.Platform, APIs
NewslettersA list of all newsletters on your site or created directly on Pelcro.Platform

Common use cases:

  • Import product catalogs into e-commerce platforms or marketplaces to streamline product listings and updates.
  • Analyze products in different markets or demographics to guide future product development.
  • Import newsletter subscriber data into CRM systems for lead generation and customer relationship management.

Segmentation Exports

Subscription ListsGroups of subscriptions organized under a single label, used for fulfillment operations.Platform
Subscription SegmentsGroups of subscriptions that automatically update based on criteria you define (plan type, renewal status, location, etc.).Platform
Customer SegmentsGroups of customers that continuously update based on behaviors and purchase history.Platform

Common use cases:

  • Targeted Payment Reminders: Send personalized payment reminders or overdue notices to segments based on subscription status (e.g., unpaid invoices, upcoming renewals).
  • Dunning Management: Design tailored dunning strategies (series of communications to collect payment) based on segments such as subscription plan, churn risk, or past payment behavior.
  • Personalized Promotions and Upsells: Offer relevant discounts, upgrades, or add-ons to segments based on their subscription plan, usage patterns, or purchase history.
  • Customer Onboarding: Create tailored onboarding sequences for new subscribers based on their segment (e.g., free trial users vs. different subscription tiers).
  • Win-back Campaigns: Segment lapsed subscribers and offer special incentives or promotions to win them back.
  • Revenue Attribution: Analyze revenue generated by different customer segments (e.g., by location, acquisition channel, subscription plan) to identify high-value segments.
  • Subscription Growth: Identify subscribers nearing the end of their subscription period and offer renewal incentives tailored to their reading preferences.
  • Churn Analysis: Track churn rates within specific segments to identify factors driving customer attrition and inform retention strategies.
  • A/B Testing: Create segments to test variations in pricing, messaging, or features, and then analyze the impact on conversion and retention.
  • Order Optimization: Segment orders based on geographic location, publication type, or print quantity to optimize print runs and shipping routes. This can lower costs and reduce waste.

Operational Exports

FulfillmentsA list of all shipment-based subscription fulfillments tied to corresponding subscription list(s).Platform
CampaignsA list of all promotional and renewal campaigns tied to corresponding subscription segment(s).Platform
Campaign RunsA list of all historical details of individual promotional and renewal campaigns tied to corresponding subscription segment(s).Platform, API

Common use cases:

  • Campaigns
    • Track the effectiveness of different promotional campaigns (e.g., discounts, trials, referral programs) by analyzing conversion rates, revenue generated, and customer acquisition costs.
    • Identify top-performing campaigns, channels, and offers to refine future marketing strategies.
    • Segment customers based on past campaign engagement, subscription status, or purchase history to create highly targeted promotions and offers.
    • Develop multi-step nurture campaigns to increase awareness and drive potential step-ups through a sequence of targeted communications.
    • Analyze customer behavior and plan engagement to segment audiences for step-up campaigns (e.g., targeting those nearing feature limits or demonstrating interest in premium features).
    • Monitor conversion rates from initial plans to higher tiers, identifying successful step-up strategies and areas for improvement.
  • Fulfillment
    • Order Processing: Receive and process customer orders, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
    • Shipping Label Generation: Create accurate shipping labels with necessary information like addresses, shipping methods, and any customs declarations for international orders.
    • Inventory Management: Track inventory levels in real-time, ensuring enough stock to fulfill orders and avoiding stockouts.
    • Shipment Tracking: Provide customers with tracking numbers and real-time updates on their order status.
    • Returns Management: Implement a streamlined process for handling customer returns, including generating return labels and processing refunds.
    • Customer Communication: Send proactive updates and notifications about potential delays or issues, minimizing customer frustration.

Accounting Exports

  • Accounting exports contain a variety of data points which differ from one export to another. These data points will be relevant to the nature of the export. Please refer to the accounting help guide for more details.
Subscriptions RevenueList of invoice transactions for new/renewed subscriptions & memberships.Platform, APIs
eCommerce RevenueList of invoice transactions for new eCommerce orders.Platform, APIs
Recognized Revenue - TimeList of subscription/membership invoices and their revenue recognized over time.Platform, APIs
Recognized Revenue - ShipmentsList of subscription/membership invoices and their revenue recognized via shipments fulfillment.Platform, APIs
Recognized Revenue - eCommerceList of eCommerce order invoices and their revenue recognized via order fulfillment.Platform, APIs
Payments ReceivedList of incoming payments for invoices or prepayments added to customer balances.Platform, APIs
Applied BalanceList of customer balance adjustments as a result of relevant transactions.Platform, APIs
Refunds MadeList of payments returned to customers.Platform, APIs
Uncollectible InvoicesList of bad debt write-offs.Platform, APIs
Voided InvoicesList of erroneous invoice write-offs.Platform, APIs
Credit NotesList of invoice adjustments (e.g., cancellations and refunds).Platform, APIs
Agency CommissionList of revenue commissions for agencies.Platform
Agency Recognized CommissionList of recognized revenue commissions for agencies.Platform
Deferred RevenueGranular breakdown of individual transactions contributing to deferred revenue.Platform
Accounts ReceivableGranular breakdown of individual transactions contributing to accounts receivable.Platform

Common use cases:

  • Accounts Receivable & Reconciliation: Generate detailed reports on outstanding invoices, customer balances, and payment aging to ensure accurate accounts receivable balances for financial statements.
  • Revenue Recognition: Track revenue generated from subscriptions, orders, and other transactions over specific periods for accounting purposes.
  • Financial Reporting: Generate detailed reports for tax authorities or investors that utilize data on subscriptions, payments, and invoices.
  • Transaction History: Support auditors in verifying the accuracy and completeness of financial records.
  • Financial Modeling & Forecasting: Export historical revenue, customer acquisition, and churn data to build financial models for forecasting revenue growth and budgeting.
  • Cost Allocation: Track and allocate costs associated with customer acquisition, support, and service delivery to specific subscription plans or customer segments, enabling accurate profitability analysis.
  • System Integration: Ensure seamless integration between subscription billing exports and accounting software for accurate financial reporting.


How recent is the data in the exports?

The data freshness in your Pelcro exports depends on the specific type of data you're exporting:

  • Core Customer & Subscription Data: Customer profiles, subscription status, and core billing information are typically updated in near real-time. Expect this data to be highly up-to-date in your exports.
  • Financial Transactions: Payments, refunds, and invoice data may have a slight processing delay (up to a few hours) to ensure accuracy and reconciliation.

My export is taking a long time; what should I do?

Export times vary based on the type of export, its complexity, server load, and the size of the data set. Please be patient, especially with larger exports. If an export takes significantly longer than expected or doesn't complete, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Can I get additional data points added to the exports?

Your feedback is incredibly valuable! Let us know which specific data points would enhance your analysis and workflows. We're always looking for ways to improve our exports based on real-world customer needs. Contact our team to share your request.

Can I get reports that combine data in ways the standard exports don't allow?

Yes! We understand the need for tailored reporting. Our custom dashboards can be designed to visualize and analyze your Pelcro data in any way you need. Our team is ready to create customized solutions that empower your decision-making. Reach out to discuss your specific reporting needs.