eCommerce Products

What is an Ecommerce Product?

Ecommerce Products are typically commercial or tangible goods and services that you are offering on your website, that requires inventory to be replenished and orders to be physically shipped to customers as sales are made. Your customers can order one or multiples of Ecommerce products in a single order, and will then get billed on an order-by-order basis.

Similar to subscription products, through Pelcro, you offer Ecommerce products, but you sell orders, and therefore, you must first create and setup your Ecommerce products and their SKUs before you can start selling them on your site.


Products allow you to define the name, description, availability, and other generic attributes.

  • Product name: Name that will appear on the user interfaces and receipts.
  • Product description: A long description of the product.
  • Product caption: A short description of the product that is displayable to the customer via the user interface.

You can also control the availability of your eCommerce products such that they can be available for specific cites, or specific countries. When either of these fields are set:

  • In case of site availability: the product will only be available on the sites which have been added to the configuration.
  • In case of country availability: the product purchase will not complete unless the address specified is within the countries which have been configured.

Create a new product

Navigate to the e-commerce section in the menu and click on products and plans. You will find a create new product there.


View a product

You can always navigate to the product list and view any specific product.


Edit an existing product

You will be able to come back and modify all the attributes initially configured during the creation process.