The first step to get started with Pelcro's Core API is to authenticate your account through the platform. To do that, you'll need:

  1. Your Personal Access Token API key, which you can retrieve through your Dashboard here. Your API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secret! Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such as GitHub, client-side code, and so forth. Please note that the ability to create Personal Access Tokens is only available to Site Owners and Admin-type Collaborators (publisher_admin role).

  2. Your Site ID, which you can find at the end of the URL for your site on the Pelcro platform in the web browser's address bar (e.g., where XX is your Site ID.

    • Note that the site_id is similar to a publishable key and is not meant to be a secret, it's just meant to identify your account.
    • Another layer of security is added on top of the publishable key, and that is the auth_token. You will be required to either register or log in as a user in order to retrieve the auth_token. The auth_token is then required for subsequent endpoints.

Once you have both, you'll want to include the API key and Site ID within the corresponding HTTP request as you work with the API. For more information, please make sure to review the documentation for each request.