What is the PayPal integration

Pelcro offers a PayPal integration that connects straight through our platform. If you would like to activate PayPal payments for you customers, please follow this guide.

We will be using the sandbox environments for this guide, but the live environment configuration will be similar.

Create a PayPal account

First, you will have to create a PayPal account. Next, you will have to visit this page to set up the payment processing application as shown in the image below.

Click on ‘Create App’ and create your app.

Next, if you click on the app you created as shown in the image below, you can see:

  • ‘Sandbox account’ email
  • ‘Client ID’
  • ‘Secret’ key

All of these keys will be used at a later step in this configuration.

Create a Braintree account

In order to link PayPal with Pelcro, you will have to set up an intermediary account on Braintree

Once you’ve created the account, click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the top right of the page, followed by ‘Processing’. Toggle on the PayPal option, then click on ‘options’ below the toggle. You will be redirected to a page similar to the one seen below. Now, from the PayPal account you created, add the keys and IDs to their respective fields and click on ‘Update’.


Go to the ‘API’ tab in order to generate your API keys and tokenization key as shown below. These keys will be used in the Pelcro platform.

If you click on ‘view’ under ‘Private Key’, you can find the following keys:

  • ‘Public Key’
  • ‘Private Key’
  • ‘Merchant ID’

Integrate with Pelcro

In order to add these keys to the Pelcro platform, you can visit the ‘Integrations’ tab, then ‘Braintree'. Choose the site you want to update/install Braintree to and you will be redirected to the page below.

Select the environment you wish to work with: ‘Sandbox’ or ‘Live’, and add the keys from your ‘Braintree’ account. You can add any tokenization key generated and any API keys generated.

PayPal flow for your client

The flow to pay with paypal is extremely simple for your clients to follow. There will be a PayPal button as seen in the image below.

If they click on the PayPal button, they will be prompted to login into their account in a new tab as shown in the following image.

Next, all they have to do is to agree and pay. They also have the flexibility to update their shipping address. Finally, they will be redirected back to your site and will automatically be subscribed to the plan.

In order to see if a user paid using PayPal, the 'Status' for the user's subscription would be 'Paid via BrainTree'. An example of a user's invoice is displayed below that reflects the same status.


  • Paypal shipping address is not used in the platform
  • Paypal does not support multiple currencies
  • Invoices paid via Paypal will be marked as "paid offline"
  • If a payment of an invoice fails, the associated subscription will be canceled
  • Manual renewal is not available
  • This integration via Braintree can also be used to integrate via other processors through Braintree, please contact us for more information.
  • This integration will only support the default currency set in your account. Any plans with a different currency will be disabled from being displayed to the end-user. If you would like to support multi-currencies, please contact [email protected]

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