Setting Up

MAPP Empower Side

Creating an API Key

  • Login to your MAPP Empower Admin Dashboard
  • Using the top navigation bar, go to the Administration tab
  • Select 'Configure Settings' > 'API Settings'
  • Fill out the information as shown in the screenshots below

Retrieving API and shared secret keys

  • Select the API key you've just created
  • Click 'API KEYS' button to show the API key and the shared secret key
  • Copy and save your API key and shared secret in a secured place (these will be needed at a later step)
  • Click Cancel when you're done

Pelcro CRM Side

Adding your MAPP Empower API Key

  • Login to your Pelcro CRM Dashboard
  • From the Sidebar Menu, click Integrations
  • Choose "MAPP Empower" to setup your new MAPP Integration
  • Paste the MAPP Empower API and shared secret keys, which you've retrieved in the first step, into the corresponding fields shown below

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