Usage Examples

Sending Customized Email Templates

MAPP Empower Side

Let's assume you want to welcome your newly registered customer Mr. John doe:
First, go to your MAPP account and start a new transactional message

Fill out the required information within the email form

Insert the Smarty Tags of the event "customer_created".

Save your Template, making sure to copy the template ID which has been created

Pelcro Side

Go back to your Pelcro MAPP Empower Integration screen, and paste the template ID you've just created in the right event field

Submit your updates
Once you added the right template ID and clicked on the green 'add new' button. Your integration will start to work immediately.

Ready-to-use Confirmation Email template

  • Create a new transactional message template.
    • Name it as "Subscription confirmation"
    • Search this document for the event related to new subscriptions: "subscription_created"
    • Check all available smarty tags we send with the event.
    • Get back to your email template "Subscription confirmation"
    • In the HTML section code your message and use the {$smarty_tags} to customize it.
    • Save your template and get its ID
  • Get back to Pelcro's Mapp Integration
    • Add the template ID in the suitable template id input field which is 'Subscription created template ID".
    • Submit your changes.

Please note you'll need your API key each time you want to update or delete a template ID.

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